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Thank you so much! And yeah, I had not thought of the languages! You're very right about that. And there are benefits to steam, other than that. It's just not an ideal from a developer's point of view. But I will always release on both, too many people just prefer steam. But Itch will always be my favorite, so I will always release here as well.

Dude, that would be worth setting up a kickstarter to get funding for that. That would be amazing- Act Raiser had mind blowing music

I keep going back on releasing a demo before the full game! I'm still not sure yet.

Thanks, man! I can't wait to make it available to the world. And Throne is looking AWESOME. I remember you posting about it on the RPGMaker forum a year or so ago. It looks great.

This is really a lot of fun!

I liked the game a lot- is there a full screen or larger window option I couldn't find? It was hard for me to see it

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Yeah, that was one thing we wanted to get in- something to make it more fun single player? But not enough time in the jam. Though it might be something we add later, for certain. It is a lot of fun with other players, for sure.

And thanks for playing!

I second that!

Oh too bad. I really wanted to play this one

Any plans for an OSX release?

Keyboard worked fine, then? Sorry I'm asking so many questions! Trying to narrow it down. Which version did you use? Windows/Mac/Linux? What was the controller that you used?

Thanks for helping me narrow it down!

How was it buggy? Just curious!

Was it the menus that were buggy?

Perfect, thanks!

I've not done a jam using when should I create the project to submit? When it's done, or as I'm working on it?

depends on what you're using to make the game?

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Whoops, sorry, was responding to the OSX written in the original post, didn't see you were responding to the Linux question (since it seemed to be a two part question)

My bad- I meant OSX isn't among the downloads. Mac, not linux

? but it's not in the downloads

Thanks, man! That means a lot.

Was just coming here to say this :)

Great! That means so much to me. 

Thanks! It took me foreeevveeerrrrr to get this down, lol. But I'm happy with it.

Thank you! I plan on it, this game is fun to work on.