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Hi, the team )

No, restart didn't help, I had to start a new game. But don't worry about it - I wanted to do it anyway after finishing to try some other dialog options.

Thank you for answering, I'll try to keep my eyes open for any new unusial issues. 

Good luck with any further ideas! When I see a project so big and ambitious made by a tiny team it gives me hope for a brighter future where lots of games are suppose to really tell something, not just making money out of popular cliches.

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Hi! First of all, I like the game. Got it with Racial Justice bindle, and of all the bindle games I already went through, the Pendula Swing seems the only one trully matching the Racial Justice and Equality theme. I love what you did between rpg and point-and-click, love the plot, characters, the atmothpere and pretty much everything.

But unfortunately, it's bugged. Personally I got a lot of bugs which were mention by other gamers, plus this one: it seems if you open an inventory while kissing, you may never see any dialog option in the game ever. Click on any NPC after that - and you only will be able to see welcoming phrase and left-dialog button. Well, I only suggest it can hapen with anyone - not actually ready to reproduce this situation since  it happend when I finally got my axe back, hanged it on the wall and was super ready to find out who was behind this, so reproducing can bring back painfull memories )

Sorry if I made mistakes in this topic, I learned English mostly by reading webcomics and playing games, and don't often write this languige.