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Oh sweet! I've been playing around with what it'd take to implement, and I figured I'd post my findings here just in case.

If you're down with compiling your own version of raylib-go, it seems like you could modify raylib-go/raylib/core.c and have the Mouse struct include a property for the X position and modify the GetMouseWheelMove and MouseScrollCallback functions in that same file to update the X positions as well. I haven't tested that approach yet, but that should fully implement X/Y axis detection in raylib-go.

No idea why raylib didn't include this functionality to begin with, especially since GLFW already provides both the xoffset and yoffset values to the scroll callback function, which (from testing just now) accurately reports the correct scroll values on a trackpad.

That's a pretty big change from just fetching the library though, so it's totally understandable if that's not a viable solution.

The good news is that SDL does include this functionality by default through the MouseWheelEvent event type, so with regard to the SDL rework, implementing trackpad panning/scrolling in SDL should be extremely easy compared to hacking raylib to include that same functionality.

Would it be possible to get a macOS version of Squeaker? I'd love to see if I could integrate it into my workflow, but I use macOS, so I'm unable to use Squeaker at the moment.

First off, I just wanted to say I tried the demo and absolutely loved MasterPlan, so much so that I actually just finished purchasing it. Keep up the amazing work dude!

One suggestion that I had was an option that allows trackpad panning (e.g. two-finger scroll on macOS) for better usability on laptop systems instead of being bound to WASD, as it seems like it'd be a great addition as far as accessibility goes. AFAIK, the only other way to pan around the project is to move the cursor while holding the middle mouse button, which many laptops don't have, making WASD essentially the only option for laptop users.

Other than the occasional jumpscare when attempting to pan upwards and having everything zoom in suddenly, I can't think of any other improvements to the software, great job on MasterPlan!