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I was absolutely enthralled with this game. From the second I booted it up and landed at the main menu, I knew it was going to be good. I spent a good 2 minutes just walking down that first hallway and looking at the posters on the wall. I really dug the "Frankenstein" area, without giving too much away to anyone who hasn't played it yet. You've done a great job leaving hints at a larger story at work throughout the world of this first chapter, and the mechanics in place are a great starting point for the project.

Although I am a complete sucker for anything with a so-called "Rubber Hose" style, this has serious potential. I've genuinely thought that using this style in a horror animation/film/game would serve to make for something truly unique - and your game is the proof. I genuinely hope to see a full version come together. This has all the makings of the next "Big thing" in horror games, something to fill the void in the indie scene since FNAF hit. I wish you guys the best of luck, and I'll be keeping up with the project - and checking out the Patreon too!

I'd also like to say it does remind me of a story that was posted to Reddit last year - the theme is very similar, and I wonder if it inspired the game at all? The story is called Persistence of Vision. It's totally possible that it's a coincidence, in any case. But if you guys see this comment, give it a read! It's fantastic, and goes hand in hand with your game in my opinion.

I've been really thinking about using it, especially since I'm participating in my first game jam starting today and want to make sure I have a finished product. My limited experience is only in game maker, and I like it's coding system as its not too difficult to understand, in the same way python is.

So I have RPG maker, but after just one session of messing about with it, it's tools seemed very limited. Can you recommend a good starting point? Perhaps for a game similar to yours or one like The Witch's House? Scripts or tutorials that helped you out? Thanks in advance, and great job on your game once again!

Ps - Amazon has amazing hardbound collections of Uzumaki and Gyo and Tomie for only 15 bucks each!

Really felt the Junji Ito vibes! In fact, after playing this, I went and got my hardbound copy of Uzumaki to reread. You did a fantastic job overall. Really enjoyed your color palette, and especially your font choice. Brings me back to the "Kid Pix" days.

Looking forward to more from you! And I'm very impressed with the quality of the game considering it came from RPG Maker. Maybe I need to give the engine another look myself.

Fantastic concept, really enjoyed playing this!