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Conor Mccann

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Short n sweet!

Love it. This needs to be a full thing :)

Lovely space to explore and so polished for a jam game. Thanks for making it :)

Very nice atmosphere and sound design. Ending eyes game me the creeps.

This broke my brain.

Really neat mechanic, Gooooo job!!

This was super relaxing, even with a timer. Thanks for the soothing moments.

Enjoyed this guy quite a bit. I am the cart :)

Loved the art, really well done!!

Some super cute creatures here. You have the makings of a whole world. Lots of potential!!

Fantastic animations!! Love it :)

Very cool set up. Curious where you take the story next.

cleaning the apartment was a treat :)

really liked the different camera angles. epic!

very peaceful, even with the artillery.

wonderful execution. loved the simplicity of the sound design.

some nice story you got there partner.

i got toasted. lovely execution.

love the bear traps!!

wonderful vibe here. very nice :)

super well done :)

Very clever end area.

fantastic atmosphere!!

super lovely. works great as a one person cordination game too!

some very tuff decisions here.

adorable!! loved the execution!!

Very cool mechanics and a sweet art style to boot!

Much joy was had! Great animation too!!

@alexmasse I just uploaded a new version and was able to download it on pc. Want to try again? Thanks for pointing that out btw :)

Spent a half-hour hypnotized by this wonderful creation.

Yes, I likes this!!

Super neat. The music was great!

Music and visuals are both top notch. A very lovely experience :)

Very lovely writing that paints some wonderful images.

Super simple. Such fun use of the theme.

Very cool. Very trippy :)

I really liked it. This is very much appreciated.

Such a lovely experience, thanks so much for making it.

Hi! Ratings for this jam don't really mean anything, they're more of a joke. The point is everyone is the winner if that makes sense.