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There is link to my simulator game. I have made this game for android but build it to html so i can get feedback. This game is in development and i'm trying to make new features but what you think?

Great game!

I got age 40 and died cuz character jumped 2 times automatically :(

Nice game but i would suggest fix vibration when hitting wall.

Nice prototype, maybe add some minigame, effects and more pets. + fullscreen was bit strange.

Neko Defense community · Created a new topic Confusing

Not sure what was games idea but i saw cat with heart eyes when i lost all my fishes. Maybe add bit more challenge to game and add instructions what you must do.

I get situation when rocks stop coming but score goes up. When i go to corner? Still good game.

Nice game but, Maybe some kind of score would be good and delay for reloading that you can't just spam r and mouse1 for rapid fire. Also pause menu and maybe some special zombies and more map.

Personally enjoyed it much more than first time. Simple but addicting game for highscore, keep going!

Good idea, but it would be nice to rotate circle. Maybe should be little bit easier at the start.

Its very good game, its hard but when you learn it its understandable very good job! . So this is first game we have created and we need feedback what is made good and what is made bad. That we get experience for the future projects and updates.