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Hey friendos!

Vagabond 0.3.0 has dropped and is available for your testing leisure! Please share your feedback here, including any steps required for reproduction of issues.

Release notes can be found on the Devlog

Hey Stilterfish!

Thanks for the feedback! I completely agree with all these points, but let me address them directly. :)

  1. You're very right. I didn't see that myself, but I'm in too deep at this point. I'll definitely improve the responsiveness of the action button.
    1. I really like the A/V cue. Something like a blinking cursor for visual, and a noise for audio.
    2. Dialogue cancel needs to be in there as well to speed it up, if the player desires
  2. Agreed. I also agree on the prioritization of the controller inputs. Right now, we only support 4-degrees of movement for animation simplicity, but diagonal movement could return if necessary.

You can find your bugs here on the Azure Dev Ops site:

Please post any issues, comments, or feedback you might have about version 0.2 (March 2019) release of Vagabond. Please include the platform (Windows or OSX) along with any screenshot and replication steps to help me understand the issue you are having. 

In time, we will improve the way we do feedback and support, but in the short term this can hopefully help people communicate and collaborate on making Vagabond a better game.