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I would agree on the pistol. The overheat is very quick which makes it almost useless now and forces you to use the smg.

I vote for a closed beta test for this weekend only...starting now. :)

Lookin GREAT!! can see me start to get tired during the big fire fight.

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Another speed round...the action starts right away but the real fun begins around the :30 mark. No hits until after 2mins.

Can't wait!

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Love this game and for fun I challenge myself to speed rounds using only the pistol without stopping and no health pickups.

It's not the game it's the player. Check out my video above...

Multiplayer would be insane...someday hopefully!!

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The only game I could compare this too would be Arizona Sunshine which is one of the best games out there. I would love to try it with your locomotion system...maybe someone out there can make a mod.

In my opinion your system of movement is the by far the most fluid and I hope more games take your lead.

Can't wait for updates.

Absolutely...I meant it as a figure of speech. I just hope more games take note because this is the most intuitive and fluid motion system out there. I've played this game over and over whereas others get boring after 5 or 10mins. Get a kickstarter or something going because you've seriously struck gold and the vr industry needs to take note as to what makes a good game.

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Your locomotion system is by FAR the best I've experienced.... should seriously patent much better than the teleport. Most vr games I'll play for a few minutes but this one kept me in for over an hour. Every corner was new and different. You've nailed it...a perfect blend between human reaction and 3d movement.

Only suggestion I would make would be to make the reloading of the smg quicker and easier....keep the grabbing of the clip but lose the secondary click to pop the metal clasp. I get why it's there but it's great when you're totally sucked in and you don't think about the mechanics.

My overall would be to make smg reloading easier and the bots harder. JMO....'

Big thanks to Epyx911 for the game vid and recomendation...can't wait to see whats next.