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Claudio Vertemara

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Hello everyone, my name is Claudio. I am a Computer Science college student who will soon start a concentration in game development. I didn't want to wait until I started my concentration classes to start learning game development and so for this past year and a half, I have been trying to learn as much as I can on my own.  I have released two games so far and I'm currently working on improving both of them. My most recent game is Strikers & Defenders which can be seen in the trailer below. I still consider myself very new to the world of game development, but I hope to one day be able to create fun and exciting experiences for many people to enjoy.

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I assume you're talking about your game Hero Staff, as it says it was released 22 hours ago. Since it's a paid game, has a verification process for games that cost money, therefore it will take longer to appear in search results.  I think it's usually within 24-48 hours of releasing your game. When I released my first paid game, within 48 hours, I was able to find it in search results, so I'd say give it a little more time. Hope this helps.

The game looks good. I liked the visuals and the sound a lot. It had a nice atmosphere that matched the game's theme. I would suggest adding an in-game explanation on how to play as I was confused at the start. Also, I think adding another animation for when you hit the alien planet like the planet changing colors or exploding would be cool. Overall, it was really fun and I look forward to seeing more levels.

I agree with Team Odeki, you should post it. It would let people know about your game and maybe they can give some ideas for the final game.

I am proud to finally be able to announce and launch Strikers & Defenders. This game is a project I have been slowly working on for the last 7 months. I put everything I learned from making my first game, Rotation Revolution, into this and I have learned a lot more throughout the process of making this game. Though this is my second game, I still consider myself very new to the world of game development. My hope is that I am able to continue to learn and to create great and fun experiences that you all truly enjoy. 

Strikers & Defenders is a fun soccer game made to play locally with friends. The game has 8 game modes, 5 maps, 3 weather types, and 5 power ups that should hopefully make each game fun and exciting. Thank you to anyone who checks out my game and thank you to those that buy it. The support goes a long way in helping me create new and fun experiences. I hope you have fun playing and please leave any suggestions you have in the comments below the game page.

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My first game is finally out. Rotation Revolution is a small game based off the "Roll-a-ball" tutorial from Unity. The goal of the game is simple, roll the ball around the board to get all 12 yellow floating points. Get all 12 to complete a level, there are currently 15 levels with different obstacles and an increasing level of difficulty.  There is also local multiplayer so play with a friend and see who can get the most points by the end of the game. I hope you have fun playing and please leave any suggestions for how I can improve the game in the comment section of the game page. 

Rotation Revolution:

Roll-a-Ball Tutorial: