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Color Flash is a casual color reaction game.

Tap colors that match the middle ring as they appear on screen. As the game goes on, colors will flash more quickly and the number of panels will increase. Don't make too many mistakes and try to stay alive as long as you can.

Play in the browser or download the game for free on Android. 

Let me know what highscore you get in the comments.

Fun simple game. I like the way the players move.

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The tool you should use to make games really depends on the game you want to make and what you already know about coding and game development.  There might be a few online game engines, but they maybe limited on what you can make with it. So it might be better for you to get a downloadable game engine. 

Unity and Unreal are two of the most popular game engines out there that are free, but they might not be that easy to use if you are beginner and don't know how to code. However, both have tutorials that will teach you how to use their programs, how to code, and make some sample projects. I personally have used Unity for all my games so far.

There are other engines out there that don't require coding, so you could try looking up one of those, but it really all depends on the scope of your game.


Block Swap is a simple but challenging puzzle game made for Android. 

Swap blocks to move them around the board and sort each level by color.

Play through 600 colorful levels over 6 different grid sizes.

Featuring simple controls, clean UI, a dark mode, and plenty of fun & addicting levels to play in your free time!

Download the game for free here on or on the Google Play Store.

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It might not look as nice as having it downloadable from, but you could always put a link on your page to a google drive with the files to download. 

I am suprised that the "set a different price" option doesn't allow you to make the file free, hopefully they will change that in the future.

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They are yours to keep forever, so don't worry, you have all the time in the world to play as many as you'd like.

I second this too, would be a welcome addition to Also, it would be nice to see a progress bar with a goal amount and how much has been raised on the game page it self.

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If I understand correctly, you are looking for physical games? You can find them under browse by clicking  games in the "top games" near the top of the page. There should be a drop down with the option to see top physical games.  

I think I like the 1st cover on the left better. The 2nd one's background is a little took dark in my opinion.

Thank you for doing this, hope this helps :)

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Yup, marketing I would say is very much necessary.

I personally have used Google Ads for a game I have on the Google Play Store. They gave me free 100 dollars worth of ads probably because I had made an account a while ago and never used it, but I am not sure how often they give those out.

Some free ways to market your game online is to post on a few indie game sites. A few I know of are IndieGameLaunchPad, Edamame Reviews, & Indie DB. I'm sure there other sites too that I don't know of yet. 

I know there are also a few youtubers & streamers that will play or review your game. I havn't tried this myself yet, but I think you can find some on community posts.

Don't forget to also use social media. I know some people get a good amount of downloads posting on Reddit. 

Also a note about in-game ads. I find that implementing them as rewarded-ads, ads that only show up when the player clicks a button in exchange for an extra life or coins is way of using ads in a non-annoying way in my opinion. This way, if a player never wants to see ads, they simply don't click the watch ad button. However, if you'd rather stick with just in-game purchases, thats a good way to go too. 

There are a few ways you can monetize your games. You can just plainly sell them for a certain price to download, have in-game purchases, or include ads in your game or on the side / game page if the game is playable online. You can really go in any direction you choose, but there are few things you should keep in mind.

Starting off as an unknown developer, it will be harder to gather downloads for your game if there is a price to download it. If you decide to go with ads, you will likely needs thousands of views to make any money. For example, I believe Unity Ads state that you will earn 6 to 12 dollars for 1000 impressions, though some people say they earn less. 

In short, there are a few number of ways to monetize your games, but don't expect any of them to get you rich overnight.  Though there is always the possibility that you make the next Flappy Bird and make thousands a day, more likely you will need to work hard and make one or more good games to start making an earning. 

The way you choose to monetize your game should depend on the type of game you are making and the platform, but I would recommend trying to create something free to download and use ads or in-game purchases to make some revenue. Just keep in mind to not have too many ads or questionable in-game purchases unless you want to annoy your players. Hope this helps :)

I don't have much experience with making browser games yet, but did you set the platform to WebGL in the build settings? Here is a link that might be useful:

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If you want to add ads in game and you use Unity, I found that Unity Ads were pretty simple to implement. I also have heard that AdMob is pretty popular, but I have no experience with it. 

Fun and unique idea, I hope to see different challenges in future levels.

Hello everyone, my name is Claudio. I am a Computer Science college student who will soon start a concentration in game development. I didn't want to wait until I started my concentration classes to start learning game development and so for this past year and a half, I have been trying to learn as much as I can on my own.  I have released two games so far and I'm currently working on improving both of them. My most recent game is Strikers & Defenders which can be seen in the trailer below. I still consider myself very new to the world of game development, but I hope to one day be able to create fun and exciting experiences for many people to enjoy.

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I assume you're talking about your game Hero Staff, as it says it was released 22 hours ago. Since it's a paid game, has a verification process for games that cost money, therefore it will take longer to appear in search results.  I think it's usually within 24-48 hours of releasing your game. When I released my first paid game, within 48 hours, I was able to find it in search results, so I'd say give it a little more time. Hope this helps.

The game looks good. I liked the visuals and the sound a lot. It had a nice atmosphere that matched the game's theme. I would suggest adding an in-game explanation on how to play as I was confused at the start. Also, I think adding another animation for when you hit the alien planet like the planet changing colors or exploding would be cool. Overall, it was really fun and I look forward to seeing more levels.

I agree with Team Odeki, you should post it. It would let people know about your game and maybe they can give some ideas for the final game.

I am proud to finally be able to announce and launch Strikers & Defenders. This game is a project I have been slowly working on for the last 7 months. I put everything I learned from making my first game, Rotation Revolution, into this and I have learned a lot more throughout the process of making this game. Though this is my second game, I still consider myself very new to the world of game development. My hope is that I am able to continue to learn and to create great and fun experiences that you all truly enjoy. 

Strikers & Defenders is a fun soccer game made to play locally with friends. The game has 8 game modes, 5 maps, 3 weather types, and 5 power ups that should hopefully make each game fun and exciting. Thank you to anyone who checks out my game and thank you to those that buy it. The support goes a long way in helping me create new and fun experiences. I hope you have fun playing and please leave any suggestions you have in the comments below the game page.

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My first game is finally out. Rotation Revolution is a small game based off the "Roll-a-ball" tutorial from Unity. The goal of the game is simple, roll the ball around the board to get all 12 yellow floating points. Get all 12 to complete a level, there are currently 15 levels with different obstacles and an increasing level of difficulty.  There is also local multiplayer so play with a friend and see who can get the most points by the end of the game. I hope you have fun playing and please leave any suggestions for how I can improve the game in the comment section of the game page. 

Rotation Revolution:

Roll-a-Ball Tutorial: