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So i've been playing this game straight for like 3 days, i'm not at the end just yet (just "beat"/decimated the fire girl)

As a MinMaxer there are some unanswered questions:

-What do LP do to the enemy? They don't seem to use a different attack pattern or have weaker defense.

-I don't think the last 2 outfits are useful at all. You have the adventurer for items (Water for outfits, permanent stat ups and panties) and you got the warrior for a huge defense increase (the dmg on weapons is wasted because nothing outdamages the whirlwind). 

-What am i supposed to do with 20k Exp...

-Why is "improved Heat" a nerf? Heat is only used in offensive stance when you have over 80 LP and want to lose some or is spammed when you're naked for dmg (thou you always get 30+ LP)

Other nitpicks:

-Right now i love the offensive stance because the enemies are no threat to me anymore. The sludge (floor trap?) gives me enough LP for offensive stance Dmg up and heals. The thing that annoys me is that the monsters still manage to slow me a lot because they keep grabbing me and waste my heals for clothes.

-Tackle does too much dmg. More than a 100LP Heat? that's rediculous. (Or is Heat not supposed to be the strongest attack there is, besides whirwind?)

-why is tackle and whirwind not affected by lustful fists?

-Traps are useless. either they rip my clothing and slow my progress or they heal me via LP. Gimme (Defense) Debuffs dammit.

-When you get to the grass area the whole "difficulty" becomes a joke. you can literally spam whirlwind and you're fine.

About outfits:


The damage is actually pretty nice

The double strike makes weapons somewhat useless because it's about as powerful as the boomerang.

The HP cost down is also neat if you don't wanna waste time on healing


The first two skills are what make this outfit my favorite. I love permanent stat ups.

but the 3rd is actually really weird. Why would you spend so much EXP on a useless skill since traps can be easily ignored?


Again: There is no difference if traps wouldnt exist

The Damage reduction is too powerful imo. feels like i get 3x defense up from the start

The dmg on weapons is easily outclassed by whirlwind


The HP regain is useless since there is no real threat anymore when you get to this outfit

The defense up is pretty meh because you are bound to get max defense through masochist

Increase Healing? Uh thanks i guess, now i'll always be at 100%...


 The Dodge is a nice idea but HP is no problem

What does LP on the enemy do??

Lp skill cost down... as if i wasnt at max anyways or as if i wanted LP (in offensive stance)

These few balancing issues are actually still nothing compared to the fun i've had from the HUGE variety in:





They are insanely well done and this game feels just like pokemon in the regards of fun and difficulty.

Only the beginning is somewhat difficult until you get some (overpowered) skills and learn the damage from the enemies.

But nonetheless this game is really fun.

The best thing about it is no doubt the level variety.

And combined with the Huge progression feeling from skills and game experience it is just pure sweetness.

9/10 (could use some difficulty)