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Wow, this looks like a rad game! Actually, I haven't even played it to know just how epic it is. I'm a fan of VNs and shitposts, so you pretty much sold me on that. Hell, I went on the VN section of the site today to indulge in emotional games, but I'm totally down for this too (all 69 endings? You had me at hello).


I'm gonna ditch the piano just for this. Love that $1700 piece of instrument, but it can wait unless some aliens try to abduct it for unknown reasons (and they'll have to pry it from my cold, dead hands).  Until then...


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Oh god, why haven't I seen this before???

Do you remember me? Err, you probably don't, but... wow! This is a dream come true.  I'm waiting eagerly and a little impatiently, but waiting nevertheless. Don't die on me — unless of course you have some more pressing issues or want to improve the game, then take your time! ;;

curls into a ball, waiting for the release

(also, if you find a strange friend request on Discord, that's probably me? Ahaha...)

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That's unfortunate... there'll always be piracy, but it'd be terrible if you guys actually have to disband. 

Do you know Stardew Valley? Apparently, a bunch of people who pirated it loved it so much they felt guilty and actually bought the game themselves — so there are goodness in people. I believe the ones who pirated will step up and donate if they genuinely love your game. Your game looks fantastic, so I don't doubt they do. I'm positive those who can actually buy your game will. I think the majority of the people who pirate are those who "can't buy it yet." Yet. And perhaps they will.

And, like the person said below, perhaps you can gain something from the situation. I apologize for my rudeness. With this, you're able to reach towards an audience who, regrettably, can't buy yet, but maybe will if they think you've put so much love into it. Some, if not most, people pirate not because they don't want to pay, but because they can't. It doesn't support your funds if they can't, either way. But it will perhaps help your funding if the people come back when they are able to or the people who can actually pay will do so out of guilt, goodwill, and/or love.

However, it is still a dreadful issue. Many companies have lost money from pirating itself. Hopefully, you can battle this problem in your future games, and I'm saying this with confidence — you will have future games.

I hope you can forgive those who pirated. Just know it means they loved your game too much.

Okay, woah, I'm just seeing this game, waaah! :o

So I was looking at Rewound 101 (You saw my comment on that) and I usually check it to see when the English version comes out for it (ofc it should take long), then I saw this and was like, "hey, another Filipino game!" and then bam it has an English and made by the same person aksj fangirl.

This looks promising and I'll definitely try it out soon, wah~. I'm also super ecstatic about it since that guy has the same name as mine LOL. I always knew it was a guy's name!!1!1! >:c

Thank you for this, I'll get back to chu on how I'm liking it. :')

Gah, I love this game from the bottom of my heart! Thank you so much for making it!

At first, when I saw this, I'm like "pshh it's still in development because all the good games are" and then --

It wasn't.

Then I see it's free and go "pshh all the good games cost money" --

And it didn't.

My mind was blown.

The music, the art, the writing was phenomenal! It made me think, WHAT BEAUTIFUL WORLD AM I LIVING IN, WHERE THESE KINDS OF GAME ARE FREE? because gosh darn it, why is it free?! If I were a billionaire, you bet I'd spend every fiber of my being into this game.

The characters are really good looking are really... Real to me. I loved all of them, and it'd be cruel to play favorites because they are all so NGHHH ♡. Though, I am a sucker for Rod's looks because I'm that pedophile who likes small and younger guys (shotas LOL), and the route really struck me since it mostly revolves around family -- to me, family comes first! Not to mention he had the curse of my favorite fairytale.

BUT, NO, I love everyone. And EVERYTHING.

And oh, gosh, the protagonist too! I was annoyed at her behavior at the beginning, but even then, I couldn't bring myself to loathe her, because I know what she went through and can understand why she does act like that. Character development was crucial to her, and you carried that out excellently, I'm so happy, thank you! This goes for the bachelors as well, they are precious #theyneedtobeprotected

And thank you so much for da love. Would do the bad ending but I got no heart to do et.

Too lazy, don't read: 10/10 would be a siscon again


I haven't completed the game yet, but I'm quite tempted to remark upon this magnificent game that has granted me the opportunity to rediscover VNs of my own, native language. Whilst I have lived in the Philippines for six years, I have only gained an elementary knowledge of the language. However, I could understand this nicely, but it takes time for me to read, analyze, and piece the messages together. Maybe I'll just have to wait for the day that a translation of this comes (even if it might take rather long).

It's a nice game so far, and piqued my interest. I might even learn a thing or two of my hidden native language in the process, while enjoying the artwork and everything else there is to this wonderful experience.

Hello Ran. S!

I've never been one to comment on games. In fact, it has been a year (or well, two years since three days ago was technically last year!) since I ever did. However I just wanted to thank you for your great game.

I like everything about it, to be well honest. While most people had criticized the MC for being conceited/high self esteem, I have gotten used to many people with such confidence and find it rather funny and comical rather than annoying and off-putting. She's not to the point where I find her absolutely annoying, but rather I enjoy her personality, which is refreshing from the meek, innocent MCs that I find in almost every otome game (rather bland).

I've also gotten fairly attached to most of the characters of this game (or all). I replay these at times I get bored, and I never gotten sick or tired of any of them. This is great, because character development and getting people to be rather affectionate with fictional characters is pretty difficult to do, but you did that quite nicely.

I also like the BGM! I listen it now personally, when I write or like to view life as it was a game or a VN I'm trying to get a "Good End" at or achieve the highest points possible (I'm such a game otaku..).

Overall, nice game, and I recommend it to everyone who comes across it. Hurrah!