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Amazing! Thanks for making a video.

I was thinking of how to make explosions that are as cool as how Vlambeer do it but not copying them too blatantly.

With my game called Shoo Mo I made a white explosion and improve it more in Super Numerary.

The explosion is just a white circle and a hole opens up in the middle.

I put frame rate to 30fps.

I randomly put them in a group together.

They look too much like each other so I randomly pick a frame rate of 20-30fps and the colour is between yellow and red.

Then I just spawn a lot more and a bit of a bigger area.

Let me know what you think.

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The file is so small because there's nothing to the game. It is a bit too simple and is boring. That's why I made it so hard so it doesn't drag.

I always mean to have an option to turn off music but I just upload the game. I guess you could always mute it in the Volume Mixer if it's that bad (not that you will be playing the game again).

cool. only one reply. guess it's quiet on here.

hey. I might start using this forum more. Just wondering if people here are mostly developers or gamers (or both).

Can you link to a Youtube video of this game? I can't find one.

thanks. Space bar does seem like a better key to use.

thanks. What score did you get?