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Yes I agree, I would also be willing to pay. Even if you only added 3 things, the most important is seeing Lisa close that bathroom door. The reason is that it is an important moment where the antagonist actually SEES the player, you  make first contact right up front in their face. This instantly puts you on edge because you know it knows you are there. This makes the next time you see Lisa way scarier and every time after that as well. If you could add the roaches, and the missing sounds like hearing her footsteps when she walks towards the bathroom when you are trapped, that would be amazing. 

This is very close to the original I am mind blown by how it looks. Seriously well done this is one amazing achievement - I have played the original and played two of the remakes on PC. Yours is very close but in terms of gameplay and animation - I did not see some things the original had, I don't know if these were missing as an error for me though, I know I am being very specific at some points as well its just that yours is one of the best chances we have so far at having a perfect recreation! I also was not sure if some of these were your own artistic choices:


Lisa is missing when the bathroom door closes and no roaches coming out of the door before hand. So the door just closes on its own.

Can't hear Lisa crying when she first starts standing in the hallway

No roaches on the walls after she disappears

Cant hear any footsteps of Lisa walking towards the bathroom when you get locked in it

Window did not fall out of the ceiling - maybe it did but was too dark to see - I just heard the crash and it was on the floor. I did see Lisa on the balcony though.

In the first "red corridor", the sounds of the baby and liquid did not play until I got close them.

Music in the "endless red corridor loop" is different from original? (I think it was also different in the previous loop) also it does not loop and has a dead end (I assumed you wanted it to not loop but felt that was a great part of the original)

No mirror reflection in bathroom.

While looking for the photo parts there was no clock chime and Lisa did not start haunting me - to me this is the main part of the game as the previous scares are building up to her hunting you.

I completely understand why you did not hide a photo piece in the menu.

While doing the final part, I think Lisa attacked me while I was going through the door, even though I did not see her, and so upon restarting the loop...I got the death animation lol.

I read your guide and did exactly as you said - I got the first laugh, then I followed the sounds of Lisa...but she was not showing, then she randomly got me, it was as if her character model was not showing but the sound was.


So this is close to the original but due to the things that were missing from my play through I can't say just yet that its an accurate recreation - there are two other remakes out there that were even closer to the original gameplay wise.  The other two I played were and PT for PC by Qimsar he actually helped Artur with his version so maybe contact him for advice if you needed it? His was so close that it was only really missing animations.

Again you have done an amazing job especially since you did everything from scratch!