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This was a nice, charming little game! The animations, customization options, and visual quality were all great. I love how her erect nipples, cameltoe, and anus all peak through her clothes. I also like the attention to detail with Abby's cute physical responses like twitching or staggering in surprise. Most of these can be forgiven because this wasn't meant to be a large project, but it's unfortunate that the cum doesn't stay on her, there's only one session of sex instead of several rounds of cumshots, and that there's no penetration through clothing. It somewhat defeats the purpose of some outfits if you had to undress most of them off her anyway like the yoga pants and bunny suit. Maybe this can be an idea for the future? And when I mean penetration through clothing, I mean untorn, intact clothing being stretched and tested. Some examples: 1, 2, 3
But overall, this is far better than what people can ask for, especially for its size and price. Apologies for the huge block of a comment.