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Thank you for the reply, and for passing this along to the other devs.  Your game is fantastic and I wish you and your team the best with the game's development.  Good luck.

Yikes. Yeah me either, my dude. Sounds like an unnecessary risk.

Hi! I sent a form via the trouble shooting link in the document that came with the game, but I also wanted to try my luck here, in case this was something I could fix easily on my own.

After opening the game and getting past the Unity logo, the USCGames logo overlaps the title screen. A few seconds later and the music goes quietly. I tried waiting to see if it was just the game taking a while to load, but it simply doesn't. If I leave it open for a while eventually the audio glitches with an unpleasant sound.  The game doesn't crash and I don't get an error message either. I'm not sure what to do about it. It worked perfectly only one time. I didn't get to see the game to completion though, and figured I could come back to it. However, this is what I'm met with.  Thank you for your time. :)