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Hello everyone!

We're updating the game today!

Here's a list of the changes:

Fixes and Updates

- Engine Versions Updated from 4.20 to 4.22!
- Fixes in Aina Sanctuary Cinematics.
- Fixes in Laurina technic where she would hit herself.
- Fixed Capsella Power activation issues. Unlocks at level 3 and can be activated after the Capsella Bar is full (below HP bar, blue one).

Tweaks and Additions

- Enemy AI improved, detection is greatly improved.
- Cloth simulation added to Feya and Fallen Bishop.
- Laurina now has a VFX when picking an arrow.
- Laurina technic now launches the enemy away.
- Laurina technic now hit in area.
- Fallen Bishop ignores overlap events while underground.
- Fallen Bishop now uses technics more often.
- Fallen Bishop HP improved.
- Added a proper visual effect for the arena limits.

Known issues

- Knocked down enemies are difficult to hit with projectiles. Fix coming on the next patch.

That's it for this week update, we're working hard to bring more content!

Thank you!

Bravery Team

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- New rooms inside the Aina Sanctuary (3 new areas).
- New cinematic close to the Aina Sanctuary Entrance.
- New level name intro.
- New dialogues during the cinematics, more to come.
- Added new meshes inside the Sanctuary.
- New enemy added, Fallen Bishop.
- Several animations and special effects added.
- New tutorial unlock method. You can find them on the Adventure Log once unlocked.

Tweaks and Optimizations

- Performance tweaks, updates in materials and special effects.
- Technics now unlocks at lower levels (3, 5, 10, 15 and 20).
- Heroes and NPCs lighting updated.
- Tweaks in mini boss, Dur, HP and level. It should be a easier fight now.
- Some teleports now require that you defeat a enemy to work.
- AI tweaked, majority of bugs fixed. We are still improving how it detected enemies.
- Rain effect improved and tweaked to perform better.
- Light spots now react to NPCs presence during cinematics.
- Removed logs during gameplay.

Future Improvements

- Addition of destructible objects in the game, they will drop itens once destroyed.
- Addition of defeated special effects for more enemies and boss.
- Addition of cinematics inside the Aina Sanctuary.
- Performance improvements inside the Sanctuary.
- Addition of new NPCs and lore.
- Addition of save and load feature.
- Addition of upgrade and improvements to weapon and armors.
- Completion of the first chapter of the game.

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- New map, Sacred Sanctuary of Aina.
- Map transition capabilities, you can now grind experience if you want.
- New meshes, updated chest mesh and many more.
- New chest animation.
- Added combat voice acting for Ambar and Lucas.
- Mini boss added at the last part of the Sanctuary.
- New NPC with interaction added, more to come.
- New level introduction, more to come.
- Big meshes that can block vision now becomes transparent when close enough. More tweaks to come on this mechanic.

Tweaks and Optimizations

- Performance, you should notice a change in the FPS, specially during multiplayer.
- Experience gained lowered, currently using the expected for the game.
- Tweaked AI and visual responses.
- Tweaked monster drops, now you can find "Gems" at low chances. Equip it at the "Equipment" menu.
- Technics now are automatically equipped on a hotkey once unlocked.
- You can now use the D-Pad to navigate on menus.
- Heroes now produces light, they are brighter and easier to see.


- When an enemy is killed while in air, items are dropped on the ground.
- Fixed proper cooldown animations on hotkeys.
- Player selection now properly shows which player picked each hero.
- Several minor bugs fixed.

Hello everyone!

We're gonna center all the patch notes in this topic! Feel free to take a look!

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Hello guys!

These are in our update roadmap. This is a list of improvements, additions and fixes coming to the game.

Update coming on Friday, 04/05/2019

- New areas inside the Aina Sanctuary (3 rooms, one battle arena).

- New enemy, Fallen Bishop (Boss battle).

- Bug fixes in AI, heroes animations and performance tweaks.

Updates planned soon:

- Possibility to upgrade and improve armors and weapons (coming soon).

- Possibility to save and load game (coming soon).

- New NPCs, guardians and citizens, coming to the sanctuary. (coming soon)

- New cinematics (dialogues and intros, will be added as they are complete).

Future updates:

- Chapter one, The Chosen Four (already in game, 90% complete on the next update)

- Chapter two, The Balance is Lost (coming)

- Chapter three, Sandstorm (coming)

- Chapter four, The Titans (coming)

- Chapter five, Ashes and Embers (coming)

- Chapter six, The Lights of Lucern (coming)

- Chapter seven, The Lost City (coming)

As we update the game, we're gonna add more details about each section added to game.

Bravery Team

Thank you!

Hey guys!

I'm Rogério, founder and lead developer at Bravery Software. I started working in our company first game when I was a Lead QA at EA mobile Brazil.

It all started with the new Unreal Engine 4 at the time, I always had the dev-RPG syndrome (for those that don't know this rare disease, it consists of creating at least one RPG before you die). Here's an early footage of how it was looking:

At the time, I was able to recruit a friend to work on the 3D models (thank you Gabriel), and here's a year later:

Bumpy road, but we improved a lot the game. He was working on the character models while I was working on the rest (yes, it all...).

With that, we were able to find Milan, a sound designer and Una, a concept artist. We are a team now.

With a lot of effort and work, the game was launched on Steam early access, with lots and lots of updates:

After launching on Steam, it was time to tackle the consoles.

I started discussing with Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony, what a month! After several emails, tests and documents, we finally got approved for all consoles! Some took more time than others, but it was a dream coming true.

Today we are still a small team, I do all the UE4 work and scenery models, Gabriel does the characters, Milan works on the sound aspects and Una gives form to what I envisioned.

At the start of 2019, we launched our game Capsella The Lights of Lucern on as well, and we are improving and adding more content to the game as we can.

That's us! Check our game if you want, and save it on your wish list!

Thank you!

Hello guys!

Join our discord! If you want to discuss about the game, find someone to play using Parsec, or just talk with us!

Hope to see you there!

Bravery Team


Welcome to our page!

You can purchase the game, grab some cool wallpapers and interact with us!

Don't be shy and let us know what you think about the game! How your experience was, if you wish that something would be different, let us know!