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Awesome, will keep an eye out.

Sounds like an awesome update! Have you got plans for this to come to steam eventually? I'd happily pay £11-15 for the final version of this.

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This is really awesome, definitely keep the SMG as it is, it's very tactile and enjoyable to reload. I especially like how it's possible to reload on the move also.

EDIT: want to add, I really appreciate the decision to not have dual wielding! So far the two weapons have a lot of differentiation in where I choose to use them. Whatever the third weapon is, I hope keeps up this trend and has it's own set of "best use-cases" that the sidearm and SMG currently don't fulfill.

Also, for once, the sidearm really makes sense to switch to when I have to reload the SMG, whereas in a lot of other games, that advice is usually just a random loading screen hint.