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There's a rendering issue with the scratch marks when you go to scan the upstairs rooms where the scratch marks would render even though they're behind the walls in the kids room.

My friends are gonna hate me but it looks pretty good so

I clipped through the cubes for some reason

It's a great thing to use, but I would like it so you could select from multiple models or upload your own to use as your waifu (because unity chan isnt my waifu anymore).

what an amazing game. Mine isn't even as long as those!

omG! sO sCArY!!!1!

You beat me to it. but I guess I got no choice but to play.

Its probably the only good anime horrors out there lol 

Currently making a shit speedrun for this game cause of how beautiful it is.

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Its a really great game. Just I have one question: can we access our save file(s) and if so where is it located?

I hope im not late lol 

this game might seem bad and buggy but its still constantly updating. (game download)

This is a horror game based off of SCP: Containment Breach apart of the Community Game Jam hosted by many well-known unity developer YouTubers (Brackeys, Blackthornprod...). The game takes place in a facility/laboratory that had an emergency protocol activated and was almost abandoned. You must escape this place by using key cards (in future updates hacking) and use the cards to unlock doors. However, you could be chased around at any moment. There are two endings, and a ton of Easter eggs awaiting. 

Side note: this game is currently free, but will be later on paid (around next year).

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Freecam / Fly / Noclip - Allows no clipping, including activating triggers

Xray - allows you to see through walls

Fog {amount} - sets fog end distance

Xp {amount} - sets amount of xp

Speed {amount} - sets player speed

Summon {name of entity} {state/type} - spawns in an entity with special parameters

Flood Escape - escape the flood!

 ------------Specific commands ------------


Summon entity01 state:chasing - summons the facet and makes it chase you (insta kill)

Summon entity01 state:none - spawns in an idle facet

Summon entity01 state:fight_idle - summons in an idle facet, but staring at the player (in boss battle scene)

Summon item - summons in default item entity 

you now no longer need to worry! (other than the fact you cant quit with the quit button!)

Thanks for the vid! I dont really expect anyone to do such thing, but im glad you did make a vid on my game!

The menu only works if you either set your graphics to the lowest setting as possible or set your resolution to the lowest options.

I am trying to make it available for Windows, Mac and Linux and include APIs soon for things like mods.

Originally I was going to fix the falling into the void bug but I felt like it should be a part of the hallway making it even harder to reach the end.

The game also has bugs that I wasn’t aware about cause I couldn’t test it.

You can only play the game if either your resolution/graphics are low 

wait so its like pewdiepie and boat cow but its slender and slender cow?

I took it farther.


well, you see, all the games I make are always made on my 1 PC

and that one PC cant even handle me looking at its desktop with no applications open.

And within a week, I surprisingly made a really good horror game.

I hope to all of you reading this that you can do better or the same as me :) 

I finished my game.

I did it with the worst computer in the world.

With the highest graphics.

You can not believe the stress I had during the making of it.

ok thanks I was just wondering

Can I use instruments / sounds from other games to make music? 

You too.

oh ok thanks

Are we allowed to use scripts, textures, sounds etc. from other game projects we made?

I made a couple games, but this is my first time in a game jam. 

Seems pretty fun and im glad people are taking the opportunity.

is this the prequel of undertale

very interesting idea. I like the graphics, and the fact it is made in unity.


ok thanks

I'm new to python and discord bot making, and I pressed some buttons, some won't work, and I'm not sure what to do. There's complaints about it not working, and some errors that I pressed continue on.

I am on windows, if that's the problem. By the way, was this whole application scripted in python?

it's just that there's some bugs.

1. I can't see the portal

2. the portal gun (sometimes) does not work.

oh ok

I was looking in to that earlier today.

the rendering is bad

it's kinda broken, can you fix it?