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This is such an amazing game!!! For an unfinished game on, the graphics are Crytech worthy and the gameplay is so fun!! I can't past the fourth squadron encounter and I still play this all the time. I do wish for different difficulties because, after a certain point, the enemy fighters become extremely aggressive and for more planes (specifically the F14 and SR-71).  I really enjoy switching between the three viewing modes and the missile systems are really easy to use. I would definitely greenlight this on Steam (if you're going to), even more so if you had multiplayer support.  All in all, great job, keep on going, and please turn this into an actual game!!!

I don't know why but when ever I play two player, the arrow keys control both. Any solutions?

Hey, can you guys do a medium sized city based map? I think it would put more use on the shotgun for close ranged and sniper for long ranged. I love this game and the physics are great! The controls for the heli need to be fixed and the car also needs to be more bottom heavy I see great potential in this and look forward to new updates!