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Hey Akinaba!

I've noticed recently that the release day on Steam has been moved to the 30th October, and I was curious as to why this change? 

A couple of them also shows up in Chapter 4 and 5

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It isn't allowing me to fully load any save points made in Chapters 4 or 5 still.

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Hey guys! I finally got around to playing the update, and I like the effects and additional text you guys have added!

However, there is an issue with the language setting. Whenever I play in English the dialogue in the Character Creation screen and the description of the chapters in the Chapter Selection are in Spanish. It also occurs on small occasions during Chapter 3. I'm not sure whether this is a bug or something in an update that might've been skipped accidentally, because I also noticed this in a previous update too.

I am also not sure if this has happened when playing in Portuguese.

So when I try to load a saved file, it doesn't load the whole file. It only plays the music from the last point with a black screen. :/

I got the same thing too.  Even tried deleting and re-downloading the Early access. Still black.