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Great game, I really enjoyed it, I hope to see more animal buddy backup powers, and more levels. I would love to continue to see this game developed more in the future would totally play it if anymore content is added! :D

This game was something else, in a good way! It was funny, the little conversations is what made it fun for me, also exploring the map for random events. 

Great game overall honestly worth playing this is my play-though I did 2 weeks ago also part 2 of me finishing the game is on my channel. I thought the puzzle were good and different especially the torch one, the sound puzzle listening to the different sounds were tough for me, the werewolf has a good design, the forest was a good maze, the ending was sick. Thank you for creating this game :)

I enjoyed this game very much, the puzzles were very fun, the characters were really unique, the singing was lovely, and the world was so colorful. This my playthrough, I hope you continue to develop this game I would love to play the full release.