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Your game will appear in the BBP Gaming livestream this weekend! The livestream will feature gameplay and will have myself giving it a review. There might be some other people from my channel and the BBP Games development team who will also be in the stream but that's to be announced. The stream info should appear sometime tomorrow containing the date, time, etc. If you have any questions of would like to talk about the upcoming event, just email us at:

If a free version such as a demo can be sent to '' this game will be featured in the BBP Gaming Jam livestream this weekend.

I'm sorry but we wont be playing this game since it has a price tag on it. Either send a free download key or a demo at

Hello Tobop.

Are you still looking for people to play your game because I'm thinking about starting up a new miniseries of playing indie games or just doing them in streams.

Feel free to play it. There are cheats as well if you press the [`] key but you have to discover the codes on your own (5 character code using numbers and letters). Have fun!

Hello everyone!
I'm currently in the works of creating a bundle that will include quite a few games.

What you need to do is contact my skype so that way we can keep in touch: knolan.lavoie

This bundle will be tiered based if there is a decent number of games included and depending on the prices.

If your interested, comment your games below and be sure to contact my skype with a message saying " Bundle"

Feel free to play it.

I would just like to say that the steam version will be out in the next few months. By then the people who currently owns a copy of the game will recieve a steam key.

please contact otakumaker about thi

Crashes after i choose a language. Rebooted the game and now it crashes when the game first loads. Is there a way around this or is an update required?