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Hey Heartbeast, fun little demo! There are a lot of things about the prototype that I enjoyed.  I thought you hit a really good balance of difficulty with the slime, that was definitely my favorite enemy type. (There was a bug where the game soft locked me in a room because a slime jumped outside of the walls) Most everything in the game was readable and easy to understand. I quickly figured out the dungeon map, the combat, how to play, etc. Of course the quality of the pixel art and small amounts of polish were all a great cherry on top as well.

One of the few things I felt the prototype could improve on is how it feels to move and evade attacks. The squishiness of the combat felt great, but moving around not so much. That's not to say the movement is bad by any means, I just found it to feel too simple. Might be cool to have a dash or teleport and the directional movement feeling a bit smoother?

Anyways, very fun game thanks for sharing. I'm a sucker for dungeon crawlers with classic enemies like bats, slimes, and dragons. Excited to see how this progresses!

Hey thanks for playing! Yes you're definitely right about that, I'm hoping to implement that in a future update. Thanks for the feedback!

Wow very cool little game :)

Love the style :)

I've been wanting to buy this for such a long time and I finally did. I am absolutely blown away by how smooth this looks and how creative the code is. Bravo!

Hey this is very similar to what I named my game for the jam, what are the chances? This looked like it could be very cool, I just had no idea what was going on, why I couldn't move all the way and what the goal of the game was. A tutorial or explanation would be nice. :)

There is alot to love about this game, from the screenshake and particle FX and the unique concept. It was verrrrry difficult, I could not even make it past level 1 and dying it 1 hit is pretty rough. It was also a bit confusing figuring out the temperature meter but once I figured it out it was a cool little mechanic.

I think I had the most fun kicking around that little ball of fire and watching it bounce around and make the screen shake. Powering up your kick is also satisfying to release into a powerful smack. I think if the rules were explained more clearly, and the player was slowly eased into the difficulty this could be an addictive game with just a bit more polish and quality of life. Very fun game!

Very cool idea! I like how simple the art is and the tutorial was funny.
I think this game could definitely use some polish, just little quality of life things like sound fx and more feedback. I think I beat the game? The level where there are 3 crates and a spring seemed like the ending? I wasn't sure, but overall very fun game!

thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it, I appreciate the feedback!

lol yes that was definitely a bad decision on my part! Haha thanks for playing the game and thanks so much for the feedback! :)

thank you for playing and giving feedback!

thanks so much for playing and watching the stream! I appreciate the feedback :)

I value that feedback a ton, thanks so much for playing!

Very cool! It was difficult to understand exactly how everything functioned, but the basic concept was cool. Personally, the most fun I had was just trying to figure out how to make the shape with the collected cubes. Great work :)

My favorite part of this was combo-ing a bunch of enemies at once. :) Cool game!

Wow thank you so much for the feedback! It means so much to me that you enjoyed the game. :)

hey thanks so much for playing! Wow that makes me so happy to hear! :) thanks so much for the feedback and the positivity, glad it was well received.

Well done :)

Hey I just used these sound effects for a game jam, thanks for making these. :)

Great art, unique idea, good polish. I think it started out quite difficult, but it was very fun to play and very tight controls.

I like the art style, very unique idea. A bit confusing trying to figure out what to do in the beginning, but cool little project. :)

This is definitely one of the better games I've played in the jam so far! I absolutely love your interpretation of the theme, very original idea. It was confusing at first to figure out what was happening, and I didn't realize that you could pick up floating parts until much later in the game. Once I figured that out it was quite cool! Art style is a bit all of the place with the pixel sizes, but really great work for a 48 hour jam. :) It'd be cool to see this expanded upon!

Pretty cool :)

Thanks for the feedback!

This is one of the more unique interpretations I've seen in the jam so far! Very creative! I found it difficult to figure out how to play, but very cool idea!

This looks really cool! I wasn't able to figure out how to play, I tried going through the door but was stuck for some reason and the enemies left the room. This looks very cool though! I like the art a lot. :)

Looks really cool! I had a hard time figuring out what to do even after reading the "How to Play" but very cute game! Good job :)