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This is an issue with newer versions of mac. Sometimes I've had to go so far as to download RenPy and open it through the engine itself to launch the game. 

As a guideline, I would try launching the game as described above, then try downloading and launching the game through the application.

If none of those two options work, then you will need to download RenPy and launch the game from there. To see the game in RenPy, you will need to drag the game into the root folder of the engine.

Glad to hear it's going well and I don't doubt for a second that it'll be worth the wait! <3
Keep us updated!

Hi Yoshibb!

Any news on this game? Any idea when it might be released?

I'm so excited about another game from you. It's been so long, that I had to reread the others again in an attempt to quell my impatience :D

You really are one of the best writers I've come across in my more than 10 years of reading visual novels, and I just can't wait for anything new you have in store!

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DLC? I'd gladly pay for that!

It could be an add-on of super short stories that completely branch off so you wouldn't need to create elaborate branches intertwining with the current story (I certainly appreciate how that would be a nightmare to add with so many characters!), but at least gives you a chance to experience something better than certain scenarios. 

A sort of "if I avoid this scenario" -> "romantic scene and skip to a short description of how this alternative future turned out". I think that would satisfy that craving for a happy outcome a lot of us are desperate for!

Please let us have a better ending with all these wonderful characters you've created! :P

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I absolutely love this game. Both Act I and Act II!

This game is so wonderfully written, the setting is terrifying yet intriguing. Beautifully done!

I'd gladly keep throwing money at your work. But can we please, please, please get some alternative happy endings to certain paths? Perhaps a different choice to avoid certain outcomes? Maybe this alternative can only happen if you're on their route, but plays out as normal when on any other route?

I am begging you! :(

Thank you for your lovely work!

The visual novel was very short, but that is to be expected from a jam entry.

The idea behind the game is brilliant and reminds me of the movie 'Her'. I hope you decide to expand upon the game further, as i would love to see a full-fledged visual novel from this. It would be great to have content to fill between the jumps in time, so you start caring more about the characters, and i would love to see the impact of Seren being an AI and how that would affect their relationship. In the movie 'Her', they start communicating on the go (i consistently had a feeling of being left behind in the visual novel) and eventually become upset over the fact that they can't touch each other. I'd love to see 'Owen' as a love interest as well! I'd even back it if you ever decide to make it a full game!

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I've been playing the game for a while and although the music, art and voice acting is lovely, i can't seem to get into the story and the characters.

It feels way too rushed. I wish you would give the beginning some time to build up. Perhaps start the story a few days before the travel to get to know the main character first.

 I don't quite understand why she would only be told on the day that she's to be married off - and to the king especially! Why isn't she asking more questions? Why would the family not prepare her beforehand? Let her pack her own things?

The writing itself bothers me. Not only does it have a constant feel of being rushed, but all the conversations feel immature and unnecessarily hostile and cringy at times.

She seems to quickly accept her fate of being married off, but then she's running around like a child when she has to ride the centaur. The bachelors talk to each other like they all have internal quarrels although they've only recently met each other. Why does everyone seem to hate each other? Why is everyone so rude and direct without explanation?

An example is why would an esteemed knight that's seen the harshness of battle remind a girl not to be shy, that she can eat like a pig?

I wouldn't change the story of the world cause the world itself seems interesting and the story is nice. Just the conversational writing. Perhaps rethinking their personalities to seem a bit more mature would make the game overall more enjoyable for me if i was to buy it in the future - after all, this is a visual novel. The writing is the main element.

Elsinore community · Created a new topic Romance

Who are the 5 romantic options in the game?

No demo? I usually always end up buying the games from Winter Wolves, but there's usually also a demo to try out first :/

Hi! The game looks super interesting, unfortunately i only speak English.

Have you guys considered using Patreon or Kickstarter or another type of donation system to collect money to pay someone to get the game translated to English?

I'm sure with how beautiful the game looks, enough people would like to support that to be able to hire someone!

Does this story involve romance?

Such a beautiful game. Unfortunate there's no happy ending unless you're into girls-love. I cannot recommend this game to anyone that likes a meaningful visual novel with the satisfaction of a happy ending for the character you decide to romance.

When trying to play the game on mac it gives you the message:

"The application “PerceptionsOfTheDead” can’t be opened."

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Oh my, the game looks beautiful! Reminds me of the Banner Saga. I'll consider buying it when there's a demo to try first ^^

Well, tbh i'd like it if it was simply like your first game : o

The game looks very beautiful, but i really wish you could mix and match with the romance instead of predecided couples. :/

Yaaay! I've been waiting for this!

Only male MCs? :(

So it's been some time now. Is there any news on the epilogues and extra content? :D

Because I played the demo before the game was out, and I wanted to keep up with the development, so I could buy it when it got released! 

You know, I'd like to give you a BIG kudos for being so dilligent at keeping us up to date with your game development. This is such a huge problem with so many game makers - making this a breeze of fresh air! Thank you for taking the time to write updates and for being such a loveable developer ^^

The characters are perfectly likeable and they do have interesting and distinguishable personas. The spites are nice and simple, yet attractive. The setting of a fantasy-sort-of realm is always my favorite. The story is intriguing - but unfortunately is awfully hard to get into because of the mediocre grammar.  I REALLY want to like this game, but it's just such a drag to 'overlook' bad grammar. I did try this game before but I had to stop out of frustration. Now with the new version, I was hoping it all would be fixed, but unfortunely I can't tell much of a difference from the foregoing. :(

If you need help with grammar, I wouldn't mind helping you out. Or perhaps this issue is simply that the mac version hasn't been updated to the new version?

Instead of just starting the game, you can right-click on the file and choose "Open Package". Then you locate a directory called "MacOS" with a unix exec file inside, with the same name as the game. Open that with the terminal and the game should work fine : o

"You said the intro was buggy, please help me out by letting me know what happened!"

Well, everytime i got to the point where i could change the appearance of the MC, the game simply crashed if i changed anything on her. The game only seemed to work as intended when i force-played the game through the terminal on my mac.

"The client matching game is permanent and ..."

Well, the sparkles certainly was horrible to match. But any pattern except for the stripes is hard when you own practically all colors, because many of them seem so alike. Ex. if a dress is skin-colored and its pattern is another (very similar) skin-colored tone, it's pretty hard to figure out which ones to choose. But i'm not telling you to remove the minigame. I don't mind the money system, if the minigame doesn't get too hard to get through. :/

"But Dimitri is available too"

Yes, but Dimitri only has 6 chapters... D; Not nearly as much as Neil. You've met Dimitri, but you barely know him, while as a reader you've already been through a lot with Neil. There's simply not enough content on Dimitri for me to even consider him being my favorite. :x

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1. What is your gender and age?

I'm 21 years old, female.

2. Where did you find out about Tailor Tales?

I randomly stumbled upon it on

3. Is the art style appealing to you, or did it take some convincing?

Absolutely. Some of the characters are quite stunning (James and Aiden). The only character i have a problem with looks-wise is Sam. His piercing looks like a huge mole on his brow, and it's really bothering me. Another thing that's really been bothering me is Dimitris pose - it looks so unnatural and weird - who would ever stand like that, like, always? Looks a bit hurtful, to be honest D: Although the rest of him is perfectly fine!

4. Which (available) character is your favourite?

Obviously it's hard to choose a character, since the only character we've had a chance to get to know is Neil. But i certainly like Neil's route - It even made me stay up til late at night because i just couldn't put the game away. Your writing is quite brilliant and i'm looking very much forward to the full game!

5. What’s your favourite scene?

I quite like most scenes in Neils route, except for the "You tricked me" part, because quite frankly it was way to obvious he was trying to ask her out on a date and surprise her. 

6. What’s your favourite CG?

I'm gonna have to skip this one, because i have no idea xD

7. Which character would you like to be available next?

James or Aiden!

8. How many fierce points and how many kind points did you get at the end of each route?

I got mostly fierce points since the options were closer to how i'd react myself, although i wish there was a way to save in the middle of scenes, so i wouldn't have to start the scene all over again, if i wasn't satisfied with the outcome. 

On that note - why in the world is the intro scene non-skipable? I had to watch the intro 5 times before even getting to play the game, because the start up was a bit buggy!

9. How much tailoring experience and gold did you end up having at the end?

I honestly can't remember, although since the minigame is quite repetitive, i'd rather getting coins was even faster.

10. Was it difficult getting gold to purchase the chapters, or was it easy?

It wasn't that bad. I mean, it wasn't difficult, atleast not in the beginning. Then i bought different clothing parts to create cool outfits, but boy do i wish i hadn't done that. It became practically impossible to tell which colors and parts was chosen, and it took ages before i could continue with the story (which really was the only part i was interested in towards the end)

11. Was it difficult re-creating garments that were important clients? I.e. the masquerade dress, Angela’s dress, or the opera dress.

No, not a all, but i had to go back and forth between the client picture and the shop to get the right parts - that was quite annoying. I wish you could save the picture in-game like a sticky or just click on the parts you need on the picture, and it'd take you to the shop. That'd make things a lot easier.

12. Favourite aspect of the game?

Obviously the visual novel part. The story is very interesting and the minigame was fun in the beginning, but then the minigame became something you had to deal with (annoyingly) before you could continue with the story. 

I wish you could choose designs yourself. I understand it'd be a drag to fit it with CGs, but i thought the dress for the masquerade was something you had to make yourself, so i went out of my way to earn extra money, get cool parts and make something i was quite happy with. And then it was all for nothing and i was stuck with a ton of things that made the game a 100 times harder.

It just feels like the minigame is there for no apparent reason, but i assume that's simply because the game is still in it's early stages?

13. What do you think of Joselina, the MC?

I really like her - especially the fierce side. She reminds me of myself sometime meaning that she's relateable, and that's always a positive trait. 

All-in-all, i don't have many complaints. I've got a collection for all (or most) upcoming otome games, but this game made a special collection i've got, for the games i look forward to the most. As i've already said, i wouldn't mind even paying a bit for the full game. It's certainly worth it.

I feel like i've seen the name (Tailor Tales) before, although this was when i was into playing around with RPG maker way back in the days. Is there a connection, or do i just have a poor memory? :P

Omg, i would gladly pay a bit for smut scenes. I've been desperately waiting for something to happen between Neil and the MC - i feel like it's a good thing to hold it off until later in his route, but not having anything happen at all later in his route just seems wrong.

Omg you're a genius! I've played everything you have on Itch and it's amazing. I normally hate a high school slice of life sort of setting (i'm more of a fantasy kind'a gal), and the anger management thing put me off for quite a while, but after playing the other two games, i just had to try it. And boy do i wish this was longer! I felt almost cheated by the length - like why would you end something so good at such an awful time?!

Anyhow play this guys. And everything else from Yoshibb. You won't regret it!

You're very welcome. Thank you for making something so brilliant. I'm looking forward to your future releases.

I believe my favorite part was when they greeted him as Ron, and i simply had to go along with it. That was priceless xD

This... I... I have no words for it. I literally just finished playing.. and I loved every inch of it. I feel like i've been playing for months, when it's only been a few hours. I've been emotionally involved with both main characters - laughed, smiled, felt disgust - hell, almost cried. I haven't got much else to say than It's a small price to pay for something so great.