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Really enjoying Hyper HD even though I haven't finished a level yet! There's something strangely addictive about having my arse kicked over and over by this game. 

It's hard but the challenge is rewarding. Generally when I've died I know it's cause I've messed up. The clouds in Thunder cover some gaps at the end of platforms; it's a bit frustrating to get knocked back then discover there's no platform there, but now I've learned where the gaps are I can get ready to rocket back to safety.

It's slow-paced (or I'm slow playing it) and while the levels feel long they're enjoyable with plenty of safe spots when I have to regain my stillness. I'm playing on normal, I think anything higher would make me break my controller.

The game looks really great and handles well with the controller. I love the colours! The levels are cool with loads of different challenges and  plenty of variation in the enemies. I've seen some of them that many times they're almost friends at this stage.

Even though the game is challenging it's easy to play, if that makes sense. So far it's always been clear where I've had to go next, though getting there can still be tricky!