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Flame Raptor => Burst Raptor


Ya that's what I meant. I don't know if that's possible, or if it would mess up the gameplay.

I tried to get a video clip, but as you said, it was really difficult to recreate.

The story is cool so far!

27 secs ago :p

Chapter 2 is out!

This story's cool!

As the title suggests, I found a glitch that made my fly really far into the sky.

I was playing one of those "Troll Enemy-Spam Levels". I finally beat it, and I wanted to get a screen shot of me beating it.

I was excited when I finished, but when I exited photo mode, something strange happened. I couldn't move, and my character was stuck in the pose you see in the picture. I figured he was stuck in his animation, so I tried to trigger another animation by kicking (because nothing else would work). This launched me into the air, and I flew out of the arena. The only way I would stop flying away was to exit the level, which  made me loose all of my hard-earned progress on this nearly impossible level.

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I wake up, then get dressed. While I brush my teeth, Mom comes up with great news.

“School’s canceled again,” Mom told me.

I jump up in excitement, but Mom interrupts. “Honey, don’t you know why?” Mom asked.

“No,” I replied.

“Remember what we saw on the TV last night?”

I think back to yesterday. I don’t remember it, but I vaguely remember a large, alien spacecraft in the air.

“Was it the spaceship?” I asked.

Mom nods her head, sobbing.

Now I remember. There was a robotic voice telling us to “surrender our colony” or we would have our planet destroyed. The government officials said we would get picked up on busses and taken to the craft, so the whole world wouldn’t die because of our actions.




“I refuse to get on that bus,” I yell.

“Son,” Dad said, “It’s not your choice.”

I didn’t listen. I ran back home. Back to safety. The aliens aren’t going to invade the house or anything.




A few hours later, I realize I should have gone on that bus. Why? Well I pretty much had a heart attack when the door vaporized. An adult-sized robot walks inside, and begins searching for me. I hide under a table, but that seems to do no good. The robot notices me, and shoots a blast of light my direction.

I didn’t die, but I was about to. My arm got vaporized, and, man, do you not want to know how that felt. I run to the robot and kick it. He has a firm grip on his blaster, but I pull it free from his hand. I point the weapon at the robot, and it’s red eyes become a flashing yellow. An alarm noise goes off. I know I’m due for some trouble.

Chapter 1 - Bronze

I wake up with a throbbing pain in the back of my head. I guess it makes sense, because I was sleeping on a metal chair. I hear a voice. Not a usual voice, more of a - well - robotic voice.

“He’s done rebooting,” I hear it say.

“Rebooting?” I ask.

Suddenly, two blue, sword-wielding nearly slitting my throat. “Please restrain from communicating.”

The same robotic voice says, “So why did you bring this human for inspection?”

Another voice replied, “He nearly destroyed a Mark Three Rifle-Bot. He didn’t use any weapons either, and had an entire arm destroyed.”

Both robots are silent.

“Send him to the arena. Let’s see what Analysis Bot thinks,” the first robot says.



These alien guys have no respect for humans. My body was dragged across the floor! I arrived at some sort of announcing room for a stadium. I wonder what this was for. In the announcing room, there were two robots. One was a normal red robot, and another was a green box on the table.

The robot who talked about me said, “This is the human we told you about.”

The box robot examined me for a while, then said, “He is ready. He is ready for the Danger Zone. Get him a robot.”

Well, maybe these aliens aren’t ruthless beasts after all. They’re giving me a robot, and probably a really cool room to go along with it! Now all I need is a new arm, and I’ll be all set.




When I thought I was being taken to my personal room to receive a robot, I was being taken to a sort of surgery room. At least my robot was there! Obviously I was going to get surgery, but what for? Maybe a piece of cool alien technology, maybe a cool alien body, maybe I’ll get my arm back!

The surgery began, and I was sort of excited, sort of worried. The excitement instantly disappeared when the crane for the surgery rolled over my forehead. Then it clicked.

“Hey! Are you taking out my brain?” I yelled at the robot performing the surgery.

“Remain silent, human.”

“Why are you doing this? What will you do with my-”




Good news and bad news: I got my robot, which is great and all, but I am the robot. And when I awoke to my robot body being assembled above a conveyor belt, I knew I was in for a surprise. I received a sword, and something told me that even touching the sword’s blade would kill me.

I was pushed towards an elevator, then taken right up to that arena stadium I saw earlier. This time there were three blue robots with swords. I knew what I had to do, but I was hesitant to do it. The robots ran towards me.

The red announcer robot said, “The human is refusing to fight!”

Then the crowd went wild, shouting things like,

“Move on to the next robot!”

“It doesn’t know how to entertain us!”

“This robot’s human must have been an idiot!”

That last one made me mad. I ran towards the first robot and used the sword to chop the robot up. This sword was powerful. I quickly chopped through the other robots. Then I look back to the elevator. I guess I was supposed to go back to the elevator.

I stepped onto the elevator, and to my surprise, nothing happened.

After a while, the green box robot said, “It appears we are having some technical difficulties. We will be back when the problem is fixed.”

Chapter 2 - Technical Difficulties [SNEAK PEAK]

Because the arena wasn’t working, I was put into a storage room with broken robots. It was really lonely in here. I assumed I would be here for a long time, so I pushed aside some robots to make a place to lie down. I found a sticky note. I read it aloud.

“Password: <376A2>”

After reading it, a door opened up in the wall. I went into the door, to find what appeared to be a secret hideout.


Do you mean modding the game so the enemies look different? I can't help you if that's the case. :p

If you wan't help, then don't get angry just because you think an answer will work or make sense. You made this post to get help, not to scold others for basically no reason. Just sayin'. :p

In the workshop, could you add a snap feature, so we wouldn't have to change coordinates manually in order to line something up?

I'm not sure what you mean by "changing models" but if you mean changing the game's already created models, then click here to get the models.

uh u hacker u have 18 lives i call hacks ban him from the fourms now doborog

When you beat the hardest level EVER.


o ye

Okay, so I was playing CDITDZ when I thought to myself:

Clone Drone in the Super Hot Zone

I mean, a lot of games have Super Hot remixes of them (Super Truck, Super Hotline Miami) and they're combat games, so CDITDZ could probably have a Super Hot remix, too.

Doborog, can you put download links to the songs used in the game, so remixes can be created, and then posted on the fan art section?

The Spidertron models aren't finished yet, but the others are done.


Breacher (far left), Flanker (middle left), Trooper (middle right), Torcher (far right)


Wrecker (far left), Chaser (middle left), Striker (middle right), Breather (far right)

Also, one question: Did you ask people to make models because you saw me making them in another post? Just wondering.

The anti-cheat system may not be necessary, but you must agree that the enemies sound pretty cool.

Bad news: The model took a really long time, and once I was almost finished, I came back to see that the file was corrupted and I completely lost the model. ;-;

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I use Qubicle to make the voxel models. Some pre-made models here. I use the demo version on Steam (because I'm a cheap-o). You can get the full version for $20 or something.




I love making models!

Dat face on the front tho.

Could you also make really thin lava strips? They wouldn't be so loud.


I'm really just typing this so I can get used to my new keyboard, but whatever. I still want to suggest things.

So the level editor came out a little bit ago, and it's final update is coming soon. I want to suggest some things to go in the level editor.

  • Grid mode - It's kind of frustrating when I'm trying to make something even, and the only way to is to manually change the values of the position of the object. What if you could turn on "grid mode" which creates a grid for things to lock into? The size of the grid spaces could be changed, as well.
  • Copying Levels - In my level editor, I have some template levels I made. I assumed that I could duplicate those levels, but no. Now I have a folder of about 10 totally useless levels.
  • Doors - A new object which could be pretty useful. Doors can be set to open on any assigned condition, including:
    • Walking up to said door
    • AI trigger zone activation
    • Defeating assigned enemies
  • Assigning enemies - We can already assign enemies to trigger zones, so why not other objects.  Things like:
    • Doors
    • Moving platforms
    • Fire jets
    • Saw blades
    • Spikes
    • Lava (I have no idea how that might work)
    • Other enemies

Okay, THAT's funny.

(Edited 1 time)


Back View: It has a flame jet on it.

Side View: It has the weak points.

Front View; You'll be terrified when this thing comes for you, head-on.



and the Shock-bot

The shock bot uses the same bow as the normal bots, but has a different arrow.

(Edited 1 time)

There ya go!

The Box-Bot acts just like a kick-bot, but he will start flashing blue (hence the blue model), warning the player that a "super punch" is coming. The super punch will not only destroy voxels, but also knock the player pretty far. The stage that it shows up in should have many hazards, too.


What are your highscores in endless mode?

I made the model for the Centa-tron MK1!

I'm still working on the other one, however.

I also think the names are really fitting in a game that has enemies called "Spidertron" and "Jetpack Bot".

(Edited 1 time)

This is probably super overpowered, and that may be fixed with some other stuff.

1. Imagine like a billion Mark 4 Sword bots charging you. Suddenly, you switch to an archer on the other side of the arena. You literally just avoided death.

1. Fix - What if it takes like five seconds to posses a robot? This would make it so you can't just teleport away from danger. You also cannot move while these five seconds count down, so you have to be in a safe area to do this.

2. Alright, I'm on round 173 and I'm going to use the same tactic, again. Here we go. 3-2-1-GO! *Switches with archer* Sniped! *Switches with Hammer Bot* Crushed! *Switches with swordsman* Sliced!

2. Fix - It would be so overpowered to just be able to quickly transport between enemies and destroy them, before they even realize it. I think this could be fixed in two ways:

a) Cooldown

b) 4 bars of energy

c) Both a) and b) (Probably would work the best)

(Human) I think it's a perfect resemblance of you. *MLG Airhorns*

Mark nine.

There ya go.

I think this "Endless Hardcore Mode" should be more than not getting clones.

I made a model!