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I can still get one more upgrade for one upgrade point. ?????????????????????????????????????????????

Yeah! I'm gonna get playing right away! :D

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Earlier today, I became very curious about my previous post's glitch. I was looking for a way to recreate it. In the process, I found this very unique bug that I don't think anyone else has seen yet.

How to perform the glitch

1. Buy a clone and the kick upgrade

2. Nudge the clone into the left corner closest to the back wall

3. Kick the clone into the wall. It should phase through (This might take a couple tries)

4. Die

5. Respawn in glitch mode

One thing to note

Every time you win, the sign displaying the level will not change. However, when you die, the sign will update.

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I was livestreaming Clone Drone for New Year's. The game wasn't seeming very buggy... until this happened.

I died, but I had a clone. However, when I respawned, the clone seemed to glitch through the wall, and then this masterpiece happened.

After this happened, I heard my clone die. All my clones got deleted, and I was put back in the Twitch mode, with the bets still there.

It seems like when I died, the game moved into Story mode.


Oh my goodness.

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As you know, many of the challenges don't have a reward for them. (If you aren't a smartypants and say a "Nice Trophy" is a good reward. A flame hammer is a lot more rewarding than a "Nice Trophy.") Here are my suggestions for unlockable upgrades for the challenges.

  • Random Upgrade - Challenge: Random Upgrade Challenge - Requires: None - Instead of choosing an upgrade, completion of this challenge will allow you to let Upgrade Bot choose one of your upgrades instead of you! On the upgrade screen, there would be a button, and when pressed, any of the upgrades that you can get will be unlocked, without you having to go through the horrible trouble of having to choose the next upgrade.
  • Armor - Challenge: Endless Armor Challenge - Requires: None - When you already have armor on, you can buy armor again. You now have a second layer of armor. This is indicated by the armor changing to a different color. There can be 3 layers of armor.
  • Raptor Throw - Challenge: Raptor Challenge - Requires: Super Kick - When a raptor gets killed, you can pick up its remains and throw them. This requires no energy, and you must only be near a raptor piece. The piece cannot be very small and must be fairly large. When thrown at an enemy, the target will be knocked down as if it was kicked over.
  • Raptor Rider - Challenge: Raptor Insanity Challenge - Requires: Raptor Throw - If the rider of a raptor is killed, but the raptor is not, then you can get close to the raptor and ride it. The ridden raptor will explode at the end of the round and cannot be kept. The raptor must be spawned with a rider, because a raptor with no rider is not trained and cannot be ridden.

When there's more challenges added, I will update this list.

That's a big wink.


In this post, I will talk about the things that make and break a level, and how you can improve yours.

--Things to Avoid--

-Enemy Spam- Enemy spam is where you put an unreasonable amount of enemies into a level, and (at least for me) doesn't get the intended outcome of making the level hard. The enemies often kill each other, leading to very small enemy counts in the end. These levels are often not creative, and usually consist of a flat arena with enemies scattered all over.

-Bland Color Scheme- Although your color scheme doesn't effect how the level is played, it can effect the mood and make the level look more finished.

-Mazes/Puzzles- CDITDZ is a game about fighting robots. CDITDZ is not a game about solving puzzles or getting through a maze. If the puzzle and/or maze has enemies in it, however, then you've done a good job. But if the enemy is only there to show that the level was completed so the elevator will open, this defeats the purpose of the game.

--Things to Keep--

-Creativity- Make your levels creative! Good levels are usually the ones that break the boundaries of the game, using moving platforms and creating machines and such.

-Challenge- The challenging levels are always the most fun (unless they are too challenging, but c'mon. CDITDZ is not a rage-inducing game). If you think your level is too hard, then it is probably not. Easy levels that can be beaten in a matter of minutes are not very interesting.

--How to Fix a Level--

If your level has any of the things listed in the "Things to Avoid" section, then here are some easy ways to fix it.

If your level has enemy spam, not only remove some enemies, but also add variety to the enemy types and add some structure to the level.

If your level has a bland color scheme, you can easily change the colors, but also add some decorations to the level for a bit more exciting level.

If your level has a boring maze or a puzzle, then either stop working on the level, or don't upload it. There is really no easy fix to having an overall bad level.


He's always joking.

:D I love that game!

Yes please. :)


While I was watching a Doborog stream, I had CDITDZ in full screen. Then I died. I took the game out of focus, and like normal, the game minimized. I watched the stream for about five minutes, and when I went back to the game, this happened.

I'm not even sure how this happened, but it did, so... sure?

Yeah, I couldn't get Spidertron's mouth right, so I just did a mustache instead.

Because CDITDZ has all of the models in voxels, it's easy to recreate things in other block building games, such as Minecraft. I built this, and I could probably make more because of how easy it was.

While watching one of Doborog's Twitch streams, I found this really cool drawing under my bed.

While playing endless mode, I happened to find a bug while playing one of VastLite's community-made levels.

If you run at this one slope at a certain angle, you just super-speed-clip through it.

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So when I was playing CDITDZ, I thought how cool this would be if you had more freedom for things you could do with your weapons.

So here we go!

Skills would be a secondary attack for your weapons. Skills would be purchased in a separate tab in the upgrade menu, and would be purchased with skill points. One skill point is awarded each round, and each skill costs two skill points. Only one skill can be purchased for each weapon, so you would have to choose which skill would best suit you. Skills would be activated using the required energy amount and pressing the corresponding button.

-Sword- [E] To Activate (With Sword In Hand)

  • Power Slice - One Energy Bar - When the next swing hits an enemy and destroys at least one voxel after skill activation, one of two things will happen. If the swing is fatal, the enemy will explode, in a similar fashion to Spidertrons or Fraptors (Flame Raptors, abbreviation idea by Khuzdel1). If the swing is not fatal, the enemy will be knocked over and flung a noticeable distance.
  • Hilt Smash - Two Energy Bars - When this skill is activated, the player will swing their hilt, hoping to hit the enemy. When an enemy is hit, the body part hit will malfunction and stop working. Headshots are fatal, torso shots stop the jetpack, and arms and legs won't work, as if they've been chopped off.
  • Sword Poke - One Energy Bar - When this skill is activated, the sword will jab forward. This destroys less voxels, but is not blockable by other swords.

-Bow- [E] To Activate (With Bow In Hand)

  • Explosive Shot - Four Energy Bars - When this skill is activated, the next arrow will explode on contact with any part of the level. As an added bonus, the arrow will still cut through enemies and set them on fire if the fire arrows upgrade is not yet purchased.
  • Sticky Arrow - One Energy Bar - When this skill is activated, the next arrow will do three things. 1) The arrow will make broken voxels stick to it, making it increase in size. 2) The arrow can stick to the arena. 3) Stuck arrows will injure enemies when walked on.
  • Multi-shot - Varying Amounts of Energy - When this skill is activated, the next shot will take one energy bar like normal, but keeping the bow drawn back will add more arrows to the bow, consuming more energy bars. A fully charged shot will fire four arrows at once.

-Hammer- [E] To Activate (With Hammer In Hand)

  • Heavy Smash - Two Energy Bars - When this skill is activated, the next hit on the arena will create a sort of shockwave, that pushes enemies back and makes them fall over.
  • Tornado Smash - Varying Amounts of Energy - When this skill is activated, the player will start swinging the hammer around in a circle. As this happens, more and more energy is required to keep going, and will stop when the player runs out of energy or stops using the skill.
  • Missile Rewire - Four Energy Bars - When this skill is activated, the next kill will send the enemy flying in the direction of the hit. Upon collision with anything, the enemy will explode.

-Jetpack- [R] To Activate

  • Fire Trail - Varying Amounts of Energy - When this skill is activated, power consumption by the jetpack will double, but a trail of fire will be left behind the player, burning any enemies who run into it.
  • Power Boost - Two Energy Bars - When this skill is activated, the player will teleport a certain distance through enemies, walls, and projectiles.
  • High Jump - Two Energy Bars - When this skill is activated, the player's jetpack will boost the player high into the air.

-Kick- [Q] To Activate

  • Flame Kick - Four Energy Bars - When this skill is activated, the next kick will set victims on fire. If the attack misses, however, the attack will still consume energy.
  • Power Punch - One Energy Bar - When this skill is activated, the player will punch. Punches, unlike kicks, can be aimed. Depending on where the punch lands, enemies will be knocked over for a shorter or longer time. Different robots have different weak points for punches.
  • Charge Kick - Varying Amounts of Energy - When this skill is activated, the next kick will be charged up, using more energy, until the kick button is released. The more energy used in a kick will result in a stronger kick.

-Player- [F] To Activate

  • Flame Breath - [Will be moved to the Skills section]
  • Perfect Deflect - One Energy Bar - When this skill is activated at the same time the player dies, the lost voxels will get auto-repaired. If it fails, however, the player will fall over as if they had been kicked.
  • Sprint - No Energy Required - When this skill is activated, the player will run. Running is slower then jetpacks, but faster then walking.  This can keep going by holding the skill button.
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What? What's the "stuff" and you never said anything about an "upgrade s" for getting the- um- "acid laser gun blaster thing".

"You have to think when you make an idea tho." So true!

And yeah it is pretty overpowered. This idea is kind of- strange to say the least.

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But on a more serious note, great video!

Um, neither lasers or acid or "blaster bots" have been added, so this to me just seems like some silly jump from random words you pulled out of a hat. Just saying, this makes no sense.

Flame Raptor => Burst Raptor


Ya that's what I meant. I don't know if that's possible, or if it would mess up the gameplay.

I tried to get a video clip, but as you said, it was really difficult to recreate.

27 secs ago :p

Chapter 2 is out!

As the title suggests, I found a glitch that made my fly really far into the sky.

I was playing one of those "Troll Enemy-Spam Levels". I finally beat it, and I wanted to get a screen shot of me beating it.

I was excited when I finished, but when I exited photo mode, something strange happened. I couldn't move, and my character was stuck in the pose you see in the picture. I figured he was stuck in his animation, so I tried to trigger another animation by kicking (because nothing else would work). This launched me into the air, and I flew out of the arena. The only way I would stop flying away was to exit the level, which  made me loose all of my hard-earned progress on this nearly impossible level.

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I wake up, then get dressed. While I brush my teeth, Mom comes up with great news.

“School’s canceled again,” Mom told me.

I jump up in excitement, but Mom interrupts. “Honey, don’t you know why?” Mom asked.

“No,” I replied.

“Remember what we saw on the TV last night?”

I think back to yesterday. I don’t remember it, but I vaguely remember a large, alien spacecraft in the air.

“Was it the spaceship?” I asked.

Mom nods her head, sobbing.

Now I remember. There was a robotic voice telling us to “surrender our colony” or we would have our planet destroyed. The government officials said we would get picked up on busses and taken to the craft, so the whole world wouldn’t die because of our actions.




“I refuse to get on that bus,” I yell.

“Son,” Dad said, “It’s not your choice.”

I didn’t listen. I ran back home. Back to safety. The aliens aren’t going to invade the house or anything.




A few hours later, I realize I should have gone on that bus. Why? Well I pretty much had a heart attack when the door vaporized. An adult-sized robot walks inside, and begins searching for me. I hide under a table, but that seems to do no good. The robot notices me, and shoots a blast of light my direction.

I didn’t die, but I was about to. My arm got vaporized, and, man, do you not want to know how that felt. I run to the robot and kick it. He has a firm grip on his blaster, but I pull it free from his hand. I point the weapon at the robot, and it’s red eyes become a flashing yellow. An alarm noise goes off. I know I’m due for some trouble.

Chapter 1 - Bronze

I wake up with a throbbing pain in the back of my head. I guess it makes sense, because I was sleeping on a metal chair. I hear a voice. Not a usual voice, more of a - well - robotic voice.

“He’s done rebooting,” I hear it say.

“Rebooting?” I ask.

Suddenly, two blue, sword-wielding nearly slitting my throat. “Please restrain from communicating.”

The same robotic voice says, “So why did you bring this human for inspection?”

Another voice replied, “He nearly destroyed a Mark Three Rifle-Bot. He didn’t use any weapons either, and had an entire arm destroyed.”

Both robots are silent.

“Send him to the arena. Let’s see what Analysis Bot thinks,” the first robot says.



These alien guys have no respect for humans. My body was dragged across the floor! I arrived at some sort of announcing room for a stadium. I wonder what this was for. In the announcing room, there were two robots. One was a normal red robot, and another was a green box on the table.

The robot who talked about me said, “This is the human we told you about.”

The box robot examined me for a while, then said, “He is ready. He is ready for the Danger Zone. Get him a robot.”

Well, maybe these aliens aren’t ruthless beasts after all. They’re giving me a robot, and probably a really cool room to go along with it! Now all I need is a new arm, and I’ll be all set.




When I thought I was being taken to my personal room to receive a robot, I was being taken to a sort of surgery room. At least my robot was there! Obviously I was going to get surgery, but what for? Maybe a piece of cool alien technology, maybe a cool alien body, maybe I’ll get my arm back!

The surgery began, and I was sort of excited, sort of worried. The excitement instantly disappeared when the crane for the surgery rolled over my forehead. Then it clicked.

“Hey! Are you taking out my brain?” I yelled at the robot performing the surgery.

“Remain silent, human.”

“Why are you doing this? What will you do with my-”




Good news and bad news: I got my robot, which is great and all, but I am the robot. And when I awoke to my robot body being assembled above a conveyor belt, I knew I was in for a surprise. I received a sword, and something told me that even touching the sword’s blade would kill me.

I was pushed towards an elevator, then taken right up to that arena stadium I saw earlier. This time there were three blue robots with swords. I knew what I had to do, but I was hesitant to do it. The robots ran towards me.

The red announcer robot said, “The human is refusing to fight!”

Then the crowd went wild, shouting things like,

“Move on to the next robot!”

“It doesn’t know how to entertain us!”

“This robot’s human must have been an idiot!”

That last one made me mad. I ran towards the first robot and used the sword to chop the robot up. This sword was powerful. I quickly chopped through the other robots. Then I look back to the elevator. I guess I was supposed to go back to the elevator.

I stepped onto the elevator, and to my surprise, nothing happened.

After a while, the green box robot said, “It appears we are having some technical difficulties. We will be back when the problem is fixed.”

Chapter 2 - Technical Difficulties [SNEAK PEAK]

Because the arena wasn’t working, I was put into a storage room with broken robots. It was really lonely in here. I assumed I would be here for a long time, so I pushed aside some robots to make a place to lie down. I found a sticky note. I read it aloud.

“Password: <376A2>”

After reading it, a door opened up in the wall. I went into the door, to find what appeared to be a secret hideout.


Do you mean modding the game so the enemies look different? I can't help you if that's the case. :p

If you wan't help, then don't get angry just because you think an answer will work or make sense. You made this post to get help, not to scold others for basically no reason. Just sayin'. :p

In the workshop, could you add a snap feature, so we wouldn't have to change coordinates manually in order to line something up?

I'm not sure what you mean by "changing models" but if you mean changing the game's already created models, then click here to get the models.

uh u hacker u have 18 lives i call hacks ban him from the fourms now doborog

When you beat the hardest level EVER.