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Thanks for the help tput since I do not have mac it is complicated to give assistance in that platform.

As always, they are sorry for the bad English.

I already investigated and found possible solutions, to have a better idea of the error copy and paste the line of specific error that appears when trying to enter the application in this way I could have more information and if possible inform me of the operating system of your computer and be x86 or x64, here a tutorial that can guide you in case you do not know it

as always apologize my bad english and greetings

First of all excuse the bad English (google translate)

thanks for the information about the error personally I do not have mac devices so I will proceed to investigate about the issue to solve it as soon as possible, greetings and beautiful image of Rem ;)

Thanks for everything and I am sorry about the Spanish language as you can imagine it is my native language but I hope to include other languages for your easy understanding. Greetings and thanks for such beautiful video friend n.n

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Cross the floor, die in the corner, jump to the moon, etc. Although some are funny others give rage to improve their experience report any error to find a way to solve it thanks.

Flying maggots unicorns on fire a little of everything, imagination is the basis of great projects

This section is for sharing your gaming experience and having a good time from unexpected bugs to funny captures.