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Hi :) Sorry for late response...

We're aiming to be both seating and standing experience.

At this time we're not considering cockpit mode as we want to emphasize the in-space experience... which brought us to our version of the 3rd person view. Eventually yes, but probably not for small / fast accelerating spaceships.

We're aiming for an open world, but ... at the first release (we're still in deep development) we want this to be only spaceships flying, trading, fighting, building.

In the later releases we want space stations and other buildings will be explorable, but we want the contents of the buildings to be defined by their owners...

And even further down the road, we see landing on asteroids / planets / moons...

Eventually we assume there will be several control styles bound to the vehicle a player is in.

Hi, thanks for the feedback. :) Sorry, you've run into issues tho :(

The way Unity handles VR interface controls changed over the last year, and we're on route to release the first build (that will use the fully configurable SteamVR Input config). I'd expect that will address the issue your facing.

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You raised so many good points...

Thanks a lot for solid feedback! We're adding those to the action plan :)

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Hi :)

I've been working on this game for the past few years, it has evolved from a concept for a holistic  virtual world, through a 2D hex-based game, 3D desktop, to this form in VR. Along the way I've found supporters and people who shared a similar vision, which allowed us (IMHO) to achieve, quite an astounding result (correct me if I'm wrong ;P ).

We hope to identify a lot of bugs and find brilliant people who want to build the virtual world with us.

So... Ask Me Anything :)