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Submitted my game tonight, which actually turned into a prototype. Regrettably, I am not going to have any more time before the deadline to do anything more with it. At least I submitted it.

Now to sleep & go to work tomorrow. Busy day ahead.

I'm using Unity for the game engine and creating simple images with Gimp.

The game consists of areas/puzzles that the player must navigate through to progress.

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Random Game Seed: Ashen Star

Random Game Idea: A game where you eliminate noise led by iron rods, because there's nothing wrong with that, right?

Qualifiers: Removed Genre

Old Title: A Sound of Iron

New Title: A Sound of Iron (Alpha)

Idea: Guided by the words of a passerby, you set out to stop the ringing of three giant iron rods. The resulting silence reveals the rods' true purpose.

Idea Addendum: This ended up turning into more of a Prototype than a game.