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Armaan Khan

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Sweet! I haven't had time to dive into Pixel Vision as much as I want to, but I'm still pumped to see development continue :)

Created a new topic Colour me intrigued

Just downloaded and haven't played yet, but the description has me intrigued: "There will be plants to study, pictures to take, treasure to be found, and puzzles to solve." 

If this means the game will be about exploration and discovery and have no combat, that would be amazing and awesome. As much as I love the shooty stuff you've made, a non-violent game with your pixel style would be sweet.

Hey Kenney!

Sorry for posting this here but there doesn't seem to be a Kenney Game Assets community here on Itch. I'm planning to get the Kenney Game Assets 3 soonish, because I love what you do and also the RPG Block Pack looks EXACTLY how I envision my next game to look like! 

I was wondering, though, if you could release the colour palette you use for making the art? That way I can create custom content that matches the colours you use. I know I could just colour pick from the already existing assets , but having a palette would make it easier. 

Keep up the great work, and I hope to see more RPG Block Pack style assets for different genres other than fantasy ;)

My fingers are crossed for in-app editors for everything, PICO-8 style. It'll make the dabbling I do much easier :)

Just bought the deluxe version of this. Looks like a great new asset. This might be outside the scope of the project, but I'd love to see pieces that we can use to make people, animals, monsters and whatnot.

This is really exciting. I bought Pixel Vision 8 recently more on a whim than anything else (I love the concept of fantasy consoles) I probably won't be using it for anything more than playing around with, but it's nice to see that there will be flexibility to publish pretty much anywhere Unity can. That's pretty sweet! :)

Is this still up? I got a 404 when I clicked the link :(