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It's not often that you learn something about yourself by reading a book or playing a game. An evocative story that explores the often-unspoken problems we go through, and the vulnerable courage we need to steel ourselves to live. Thank you for your beautiful work.

Hey thanks for a cute short demo! That cliffhanger though :< Haha but it made me want to know what happens so I guess it worked! Here are my thoughts (I mean them purely constructively and mean zero offence if it comes off that way!):

The sound bites - for me personally, they were too short to really affect whether I liked it or not. In some scenarios like the teasing ones, they added something extra to the comedic effect, but I think the music does that fine enough.

The backgrounds are mostly okay, but more detail would be nice. Especially for the large blocks of colour/shapes, something to break them up would add depth. I think something like the home screen is great, it has smaller objects that break up the huge pink and white spaces.

A grandma sprite would be good, especially if it was an important scene to the MC. The demo took me about 30-45 minutes and I got 10 fierce and 8 points :>

I figured out it was Neil pretty quickly after the cousin introduced him, though I can't pinpoint a reason haha. I really like his new sprite, it suits his grownup character much more than the purple hair! CGs were great too, the 2nd CG displayed my skin/hair correctly. I liked the motion in there - the one with the laptop is so cute :>

WIP for sure but I did enjoy it! I was disappointed that only the story was available for now, so I'm looking forward to what you come out with next!

I don't usually comment all that much, but I felt like this game needed more positive reviews! I went into the game without much expectations as it sounded a bit fluffy, but it's definitely got one of the more interesting setups for a VN. A short-mid length story, things really get going after the prologue. All the characters were original, with completely relatable problems, and I really enjoyed all their different relationships with each other. By the end, I honestly felt like I could know any one of them as a friend; though I still like Liam the best! Thanks for a bunch of laughs and a great read--it's deeper than it first appears!