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Also, it reminded me of Super Mario RPG in the best possible way, and if I do not see a reference to the Waltz of the Forest, I will be extremely disappointed.

Thoroughly enjoyed the game and look forward to seeing it become a full thing. The only notes I would like to see once it is complete are as follows: first, I think it would be interesting if there were unlockable skins for party members that are important to the story. Second, I understand this is probably a plan, but I'd love to see more customization for the White Hat. The ability to create custom shapes for the slime characters by clicking and dragging, much like in PhotoShop or Flash, custom hairstyles for humanoids, etc. Third,  unless you incorporate some sort of multiplayer, I like the idea of the white hat hacker  just being called White Hat. Makes them seem more mysterious and interesting. Finally, and most importantly for me, movement in battle. I like the layout, but the way its set up appearance wise, it leaves me missing some form of movement similar to that of Mega Man: Battle Network. A lot of what made TOME fights so cool for me was the way characters moved, and while I understand that's more difficult to replicate in a game such as this, I think it would also add a lot in the realm of strategy and gameplay to allow you to move characters to different spaces during battle. Nylock with his "Whoosh!",  allowing him to move X spaces forward and dealing damage in that area. Alpha having the Vulcan Fist place him right in front of the enemy allowing for devastating combos. Adding a "Move X spaces" to the strategy tab, especially since many of the characters are primarily melee, so it forces range to be a factor in attacks, not just mana and damage. These are just a few ideas that I would like to see, and thank you for your time.