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I'm just talking about the month or season or something because I've been anticipating the release for a while so I can play with my friends, also keep up the good work, this is looking to be a great game and if you need to delay it to make the update more refine, do so, don't feel pressured to upload it too early with loads of bugs and such.

Sincerely, a person on the internet

Why would there be swords in an IKEA

I was thinking Staff should spawn a bit more as most of the time there is usually only three or four coming each night isn't a huge threat, also is there a way to disable debug commands because I keep finding myself accidentally pushing 5 and activating godmode.

I'm pretty sure they are gonna add that next update, dunno about controllers though.

You guys are working hard on this for free? I would've paid 15$ for the full release.

I was thinking when you where playing you where the people making villages before the foundation discovered it. Rather than say, a D-Class or like the guy in Incident 3008-1, but people walking in to SCP-3008 still makes sense to me (and the search team thing seems like a good idea).