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For anyone having trouble with the controls or getting the game to run...


To start the game, press Enter at "Game Start". Or, press Down and Enter to access the game's Sound Test.

Use the Up Down Left and Right arrow keys to move the paddle. X will launch Floatie at the start of a stage. Enter pauses/resumes the game. And, if Floatie is lucky enough to come across a special power-up, he can execute its power by pressing X.

Gamepads and joysticks are also supported for this game. When a device is plugged in, input will automatically be re-routed to the controller. Playstation controllers map the X key the Circle button, and X-Box controllers map the X key to the B button.

START UP: This game requires the June 2010 Direct X runtimes, or it will crash on startup. These runtimes can be downloaded from Microsoft's webpage here: