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thanks for reporting the zoom bug! It's strange. We'll take a look into it!

Thank you so much for your positive feedback! 

Right now we are working on updating the "How to" page ( and creating some video tutorials, especially on how to navigate the map room and its features. 

About the zoom,  after checking few software we decided to set: scroll up the mouse wheel to zoom in, scroll down to zoom out.

For any other questions or comments please feel free to contact us. 


Sorry to hear that and thanks for reporting it. 

Could you please email as at and give us more details about this issue (for example, the login pages keeps loading; there isn't connection with the server; the app crashes). 

Could you please provide the username/email address used to login as well. 

We'll look into it.


sorry about that, can you write an email to we will have a closer look at the problem


thanks, that's really cool! we need to think about it :)

sounds great, thanks!

thanks for the suggestions for an alternative 2.5D map. It would be overall a quite different implementation compared to what we have at the moment for the map (3D with orthographic camera). We originally had a perspective camera and we are thinking to add the option for both orthographic and perspective cameras sooner or later.

Hi Seradest,

thanks a lot for trying RPG Plus! and for your really interesting suggestion. We will for sure think about it, there are few aspects that would be cool to implement in RPG Plus!

unfortunately the dnd 5e and pathfinder dynamic templates are implemented in a way that is highly optimized and not flexible. Basically it is using hardcoded arrays in the json file expected to be with the right type and position.

This is the opposite of the normal sheet that is very simple and general (basically a json with 4 fields, group number, group name, property number and property text).

I think the best next step it is for us to implement some general APIs, something in the middle that will allow more flexibility. This is a great suggestion, that we received also from one of our Patrons and it is in our to-do list. Thanks a lot for your great feedback! much appreciated it!

A VR version will be cool! We have a bit of experience with VR app and Oculus Quest is a great device. We are looking around for some grants that may help to dig into this project and speed up the development. 🙂

We're happy to hear your positive feedback. Thanks for taking the time to send us some suggestions and the screenshots of mRPG. We'll have a look! 

Please feel free to share other comments or suggestions, their are extremely useful for us. Enjoy RPG Plus

Thanks for trying RPG Plus. We like the idea to create an interactive sheet builder system, especially for no-D&D RPGs. We started already to brainstorm about its design. It a challenging project that will take a bit of time to develop nevertheless it will be one of our next milestone 👍

Thanks for trying RPG Plus and your feedback! For any issues or help you can contact us at