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Build 12

  • New city background for starting area/title screen!
  • Polish on intro UI
  • SFX added to a bunch of UI
  • Polish on land/item selection UI
  • Some more tutorializing added
  • First draft of music for starting area (courtesy of Jano One)
  • Start screen menu redone
  • Proper multiple save support
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Build 11:

  • Fixed bug with new save games, should no longer hang on loading screen/load into empty world
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Build 10:
  • New item purchase menu
  • New land purchase menu
  • New introduction text, now are founding a company that you get to name!
  • New company level system: achieve higher levels to unlock new mechanics
  • Can now pick up launched pets! And throw them too, if you're so inclined
  • Additional plots of land are now bought with same currency as everything else
  • Forest area generation now has two input pipes
  • Starting area changed; now has goo+lichen again
  • Made first few item purchases cheaper
  • Mover2s now have slightly less ugly movement
  • Minor performance increases for items on movers
  • Fixed bug where items on movers would turn invisible/start flying around
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Build 9:

  • Now start in the forest w/ a pile of goo
  • Big chunk of price balancing for research/items
    • Pet parts now simply cost more when more are purchased
  • Land purchasing now works, can be purchased using cash from achievements
    • Income is constantly brought in from all purchased and developed areas
    • Purchased areas have import/export buildings to move resources between areas
    • UI is still butt-ugly
  • Tutorials re-enabled
  • Income rates added to trade UI
  • Fixed more mover stream placement bugs
  • Whole bunch of small UI QoL additions
  • Fixed double payment bug
  • Item output rate achievements now count pet parts in a pet
    • This means a pet with two eyeballs exported at 1 per minute will also give 2 eyeballs per minute
  • Added an FPS counter
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Build 8:

  • Contract system changed to achievement system
    • Achievements are based upon output rates
    • Buildings now have purchase/placement costs
    • Pet parts/pets now have sell prices
  • Research Purchase costs rebalanced for system
  • Mover stream placement now more reliable
  • Background changed to forest

Tutorials are broken again, should be fixed in next release

Created a new topic Devlog

Build 6:

  • New early-game tutorials
  • Contract requirements reduced across the board
  • Costs of early game research reduced
  • Colliders on movers smaller, easier to navigate around