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Thanks a lot!

Thank you!

No prob!<3

I just updated the pack! there's now full keyboard image in every model (white, black, opaque and transparent) Thanks for the suggestion!

oh that's easy, I could make it tomorrow and update the pack, I'll let you know!

Hi! Glad you like the asset pack! I'm not sure what you mean by assembling sorry, but yes! you can use it commercially, credit is not necessary but appreciated @mynameisanjuu

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the shoutout!

Thanks! There's a LOT more where that demo came from so be sure to stay up to date with the game for the actual final game in the future haha. I'm glad you enjoyed it! thanks a lot for playing!

Hey! Glad you enjoyed the demo! I hope you enjoy the game in the future too  ^^

Hi! I'm sorry the demo didn't leave the greatest of impressions oops

but I'm very thankful for all the feedback I'll be sure to take it into account while developing the rest of the game! Thanks a lot for playing!

The thing you got with the spider hook seems weird though, I want to think the cooldown mechanic just didn't let you grapple because you were trying to grapple again too fast, but it could be a bug and I'll look into it, thanks a lot for playing again! As I'm writing this I'm watching your video, thanks a lot for recording it, it makes me very happy to see people play the game and it also helps me become better at level design!

sorry for the difficulty spike in the spider mask area, I've become too used to using it and tend to make things too hard, this is something that will be definitely fixed in future versions of the game though, as progression is slower and I'll make sure to slowly ramp up things with it

Thanks a lot for all the feeedback!

Very fun love the mechanics!

Game of the year edition when

Looks and plays amazing, probably one of the highest quality jam games I've played, really surprised when I boot it up

Thanks a lot!! Your project sure sounds mysterious hahaha 

Pretty fun, lovely visuals, cool music, SFX gets too loud imo, but overall nice game

Your best game yet! Lots of potential on this bad boy!

The cool reincarnated 5/5

Thanks for your suggestion! I’ll be sure to add them in a future update 

Thank you!

Absolutely brilliant, changed my life

Thanks man!

Thank you!!!

epic game 11/10 I didn't know being a plant would be s much fun. can't wait to irl photosynthesize 

cool music 10/10

Really cool game tbh!

I love it!! You stripped a platformer from its most basic mechanic and made it work! Great!