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Androgynous Robot

A member registered Aug 28, 2018

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I've only done one route so far, but I'm not really happy with it. The choice for what subject to get a tutor in determines the route without giving you any idea of who is tutoring you, so it doesn't feel like you're given a choice of route at all. I picked French because I like the language and I thought it would be a neat thing to start with. Then it gave me Lyon. Lyon is absolutely repulsive. He is creepy and gross and I kept going, hoping that eventually there'd be another choice to express that, to drop him or something? But nope. I got stuck dealing with creepy gross Lyon, and the MC just kept putting up with it like he was just being quirky or something instead of consistently ignoring her feelings and boundaries. So gross.

So yeah, I'm not happy with it. At least it means none of the other routes have Lyon? I hope.