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Aletheia Game Studio

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One of our main goals with early access is to keep everybody informed of the status of our updates. That means our goal is to have at least one major update and one minor update of content through March 2017 and then Release in May 2017. We will use these updates to provide for bug fixes and usability tweaks as well. This list does not include regular progression battles, usability fixes, art changes, bug fixes, and all of the other things that go into creating a game. However as stated earlier those changes will be added inside the major and minor monthly updates.

This is our tentative plan for until May 2017:

  • November 2016 -
    • Major -
      • Ability to create swords
      • Progression is opened up
      • Monsters special abilities opened up
    • Minor -
      • New Dragon Cryozo
      • New Sword Model
      • New Attacks Traits and Abilities
  • December 2016 -
    • Major -
      • New Battle Level Valley
      • New Monster Wendigo
      • Monster Variations (Each monster type will have a couple of different variations of attacks and color)
    • Minor
      • New Dragon Shaperizar
      • New Rider Grenali
      • New Attacks Traits and Abilities
  • January 2017 - (early access changes to $10 instead of $5)
    • Major -
      • Multiplayer (head to head)
      • Leaderboards
    • Minor -
      • New Sword Model
      • New Rider Dayla
  • February 2017 -
    • Major -
      • New Battle Level Jungle
      • New Rendering Engine (Godot 3.0 is planned to be out in Early December)
      • New Monster - Jungle Giant
    • Minor -
      • New Dragon Zarethia
      • New Sword Models
      • New Attacks Traits and Abilities
  • March 2017 -
    • Major -
      • New Battle Level Mountains
      • New Monster Frost Giant
    • Minor -
      • New Rider Benard
      • New Rider Semaus
  • April 2017 -
    • Major -
      • New Battle Level Lava Pits
      • New Monster Fire Giant
      • New Monster Phoenix
    • Minor -
      • New Attacks, Abilities, Traits, and Specials
  • May 2017 -
    • Release!

TFTD was great, but the early, un-patched version was impossible to beat. The 2-part missions were really hard.

There is a mac build, it just needed to be tested first. I will make sure you are notified when the mac build has been tested.


The reason that Sentinels of Eshall is being developed is because the lead developer (Clint, IE me) loves strategy and tactical games. I I have been playing them since the early 90's. I used to rush home from school hop on the IBM i486 and explore for magical nodes in Master of Magic, create a galaxy spanning empires in Master of Orion, or repeatedly click on a orc to make him say funny things in Warcraft I. However my ALL TIME favorite strategy / Tactical game is X-Com: UFO defense (or UFO : Enemy Unknown for my European friends). Now I'm not talking about the new games that have come out in the recent years, which I do love, I'm talking about the Microprose 1994 game. I still play it through once or twice a year. That game has inspired me to create strategy/tactical games and It will always hold a dear spot in my heart.

So what is your favorite strategy game new or old?

Welcome to the Sentinels of Eshall community forums. Take a second to drop us a line and say "hi", tell the community about yourself.