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Ahhh, thanks!!

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it!

Ah, thank you! I'd love to make a full version some day; I had a lot of fun making levels and there's a *lot* of potential for tweaks and new things.

Thanks so much, I'm glad you liked it!

This game is an absolute blast to play. I had fun trying out all the weird guns, the art is pretty as heck, and I can't wait to see more :D

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Thanks, and yea!! I saw a rundown of Mercenary Force on an episode of Game Boy Works and immediately wanted to riff on it :)

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Oh wow, thank you! I'm glad you liked it :D 

This version is just the result of a local jam, so it's a bit short. After I finish my current project (BOSSGAME) I'd like to come take another look at Dogs Throwing Swords, because I think there's a lot more I could add to it! I have some ideas for an upgrade system, more levels, and the ability to take hidden/multiple routes through the world!

Ahh, thanks! Yea, I'm not actually the best at shmups myself, but I'm glad you had fun! I definitely enjoyed adding a more colorful & playful vibe :)

Ahh, thank you! I'm really glad you liked it, I've wanted to try making a shmup for a long time. I grew up with a corgi mix, too, so I couldn't resist adding one :D

I'd like to submit DOGS THROWING SWORDS 2:

This is a neat idea! I love all the little accessories and the flamingos clumping together makes it chaotic and fun :)

This flamingo is SUPER cute, I love all the different accessories, 13/10!!

She's ADORABLE, I love her victory pose <3  15/10!!

This is a super cute snail, well done :D the evil snail is pretty cute too, 12/10!

Big fan of ducks & birds in general, 14/10 good duck!

Awww they're cute! Half mushroom, half walking house, 12/10!!

I used to get stuff for Time Skippy! The only trick is that the file sizes get big really quick, and won't take 'em.

Awww, these are all cute!! Axolotes are absolutely fantastic, 13/10

cute beard A++ 12/10

I really like the concept of juggling items, this is cool!

yess absolutely cute main character, 11/10

This is fun! I like the weapon variety a lot!

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Hey there! If your game's got a cute character in it, post it here~

I can't help but brag about the work EZ did making our little pug for TIME SKIPPY:

I'd love it if you could play & rate TIME SKIPPY! Thank you so, so much :)

I also really liked the little ghost in OTTO:

I've been trying to play & rate as many games as I can on my breaks! If your game has a cute hero (or enemy!) please post it here, and I'll try my best to play it!

Ooh, the fade effect on the camera is really cool. I'll check it out!!

Our game is TIME SKIPPY, where you fight bad guys by throwing stuff around like you're John Wick but you're actually a pug:

I like it! I'm a big fan of doing trick shots with the bullet :)

Cool, I'm excited to check yours out! Our game idea was similar, and we tried to give it an action movie feel. Instead of an action game it's all about executing the perfect plan, 'cuz time moves forward one second at a time. We're calling it "John Wick but you're a pug".

You can play it and rate it here :D

The art is super pretty, I love this style a lot. Your game idea really nails the theme :)

This is a cool topic, I'll definitely check out as many of these as I can. There's been just a TON of cool games with this theme.

If you like action movies and pugs, please try TIME SKIPPY, and rate it if you'd like!

This is cool! The music and art really sell the idea and it feels very intense.

Ahh, cool! I'll give yours a shot :D

Our game was TIME SKIPPY. We debated about how to use the "Only One" theme for a while: one-button games, "there can be only one" games. A cool idea we had was a game where you had to slowly give up your items and stats until you had only 1 heart, 1 weapon. But we ended up going with an action game where you move in one-second spurts, taking one action at a time. It ended up feeling like an action movie (which is why we love calling it John Wick-esque) where you're running around, using whatever's nearby to defeat your enemies.

I hope you like it! You can play & rate it here:

Ahh yay, I'll check these out! 

Please try TIME SKIPPY, our game about being a John Wick-esque pug who throws swords at skeletons.

I *love* that this has two ways to win. It's simple & satisfying!


It's like John Wick but you're a pug. You gotta be dashing and throwing weapons around and always watching where you stand!

I'd love it if you drew something for TIME SKIPPY :D our pug would love some fan art, haha.

Electrodud is cool! I love that there's two ways to win, and the THOOMS are really good.

Thanks so much, I'm glad you like it! And SAME, I love how our little pug turned out.

I'm super glad!! EZ is an unrelenting fan of pugs and I knew he was going to draw one for the main character before we even sat down.

This is fun and easy to pick up, nice!