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Thanks @btnmasher for creating the Jam!

Maybe (shorter) additional Gopher Game Jams would be cool. Like 2-week long or less.

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Please use full screen (ctrl+f) and three button mouse for the best AERPG experience.


  • walking - test the rpg: explore map, kill skeletons, pick up loot, gain xp, collect magic items

  • mapmaker - create/edit a map: read source code for keymap

  • mapgen - generate a map: run mapgen ______ to use specific seed such as mapgen mycoolseed

compile all tools:

  • install Go: go

  • install C dependencies: apt-get install xorg-dev libx11-dev libxrandr-dev libxinerama-dev libxcursor-dev libxi-dev libopenal-dev libasound2-dev

  • fetch this source code: go get -v -d -u github.com/aerth/rpg/cmd/...

  • compile tools into pwd: GOBIN=$PWD go install github.com/aerth/rpg/cmd/...

  • let me know how it goes


  • Pause, Inventory, Char Stats: i

  • Movement: arrows, asdw, hjkl, hold right mouse

  • Zoom: mouse wheel

  • Identify tile: left click

  • Pick up loot: left click

  • Attack (manastorm): space middle click

  • Attack (magic bullet): B left click (point/shoot)

  • Quit: ctrl+Q


  • Unlock Zoom, Toggle show enemy paths: =

  • Toggle fly mode: caps lock

  • Mana potion: 1

  • Health potion: 2

  • XP potion: 3

  • Speed up time: LSHIFT

  • Slow motion: TAB

  • Random Loot: ctrl+L (random location), ctrl+K (under mouse)

  • Spawn fresh mob: M (watch FPS go down)

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