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I'm really glad hehe ^^


Thank you for your patience! I'm already working on finishing the rest of the route! ^^

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Hi, yes on Itch it's a different set up. Here, the Deluxe Edition contains everything, including all routes and epilogues, while on Steam, it's only the Chaos DLC, art book and soundtrack, no routes. Hope this helps! 

No you shouldn't have to buy the game again. If it's showing you that, then it's an error, probably because for awhile the game had a different purchase method.  I was unaware it was asking people to pay again until you said something. It means I will need to update it directly through a different method. I did not upload the "actual premium version here", as much as attach it from a previous post because Itch allows me to do that. I didn't want to spend extra time uploading it directly because I had hoped it would be fixed by the end of that day, and I wanted to upload the new one, but the programmer didn't get back to me yet.

Tl;DR there should be no issue with the Itch launcher, it just wasn't updated with the old version through that method yet because at the time I was hoping to update it with the new version, and thought the old version it allowed me to attach would be free for those who bought it as temporary stopgap.

Thanks for letting me know, I will fix it in the next released update. 

Thank you 💙 

This sounds like a problem introduced with the most recent update. I have a dev log up where I asked for feedback and explained it was essentially beta testing the new update. Since it happened to two people after the update, it sounds like the Premium content might have gotten disabled somehow, I'm just surprised no one told me on the dev log yet. I will look into it within 48 hours and try to get it fixed. I'll let you guys know. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Thanks for the feedback and for understanding. Well, TTEOTS has been on several platforms for 2 years now, so I wouldn't want to remove it from fans, but it's not unusual to diversify how many places you offer a game. It also brings in more funding. 

The biggest challenge with that is when I did constant updates. That's when it wasn't really feasible. In the future, if created, TTEOTS' sequel will probably just come out all at once on multiple platforms, with the exception of pre-order beta access on PC. 

Ah, I understand exactly what you're saying, no worries. I thought that's what you meant but I wanted to be sure before responding to that.

Well, unfortunately that much I can't do. The game, when crowdfunded, was designed to be 7 chapters because it was more of a "let's see how this goes", kind of like TV series get funded for a season or two upfront, and then if they do well, they get funded for further seasons. The idea internally was "If they like it, we'll see about continuing the story in a sequel". You can view that if you want to, here

The team no longer exists, so I call myself just working on finishing what I started to the best of my current ability. As it looks right now,  it'd be impossible to continue making games without a pay wall without either a massive crowdfunding campaign, or maybe some kind of magical investor come down from the sky.  The only other option is the more traditional method of funding it through a smaller campaign, or funding it myself somehow in the future, and then charging for it going forward, to recoup my costs.

My living expenses aside,  adding new art and continued programming for 4 platforms is expensive. I just wanted to be upfront that there's unfortunately no way I can afford to continue the game's main story itself for the foreseeable future, without charging something. If people can't accept that, it's understandable, but those are the facts as it stands now.

Thank you so much. I know you've been around for quite awhile and seen such circumstances as you so eloquently put it, burn down 😓 It's been a rough road, but I would like to continue TTEOTS someday. There's so much potential and the art is already there and is something I'm really pleased with to work with. 

I was wondering if you could elaborate "the original TTEOTS storyline falls within what was already charged?" I definitely want to make sure I continue to be candid and clear going forward, so I want to hear and understand what fans of my stories are thinking. 

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This comment is so sweet and cute ajdjsj 🥺 Thank you so very much. Any negativity aside, I really believe I have the best fans and that's why I want to do everything to make sure you guys enjoy what I do, but that also makes me feel pressured sometimes. 

Hearing you say that really made my night, and I'll keep it close to my heart whenever I start worrying about things like this again 🥰 

Not a problem! I checked and the Mac version is definitely uploaded, however the PC and Mac versions weren't marked as such. I'm not sure if that would have prevented you from downloading it, but you can try again now and let me know? And if you are continuing to have the issue, pls let me know if you're doing a direct DL or using the Itch app

I'll check out what's going on and get back to you within 24 hours 👀

Yes, it is! If there's any issues, let me know.

Wow, what a lovely comment, thank you 💙 🥺

Hi, it's totally fine, I'm here to help!

Could you tell me if you're using the app or downloaded? I'm assuming the app considering the error, but just checking. 

Thank you for supporting me!

Okay, it should be working now, if you'd like to give it a try!

Upon further investigation, it looks like I would have to sign up for Stripe (I don't recall the option being available before but maybe it was implemented after this account was made). It looks a little intensive and may or may not be available right away, so I'll look into it further and let you know how it goes. 

Thank you! It's always seriously encouraging to see comments like this 🥺

This should now be fixed with the latest update, the files were missing from the last build, but please let me know if you have any further issues.

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Hi, first of all thank you for wanting to purchase MDE. But, I'm sorry, I don't actually know what payment methods uses, because I don't take any payments directly - it's all done by 

Upon further research, it looks like does take credit/debit card by use of Stripe:,with%20credit%20or%20debit%20card

It was working before so there must have been something up with how I compiled it. It will be fixed within 24 hours. Thank you for letting me know! 

Thank you for letting me know! It will be fixed in the next update. 

Severely belated, but thank you so much!

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Thank you so much for your understanding and the screenshots! They were very helpful. It looks like you have the most current version to me. Are there certain parts are you having an issue with? If it's only CG illustrations for Ch 05-07 that you are missing, they haven't been released yet. 

Because of budget issues and having to change artists, I decided to finish Book 01 without them. However I have been working on them. They'll be released very soon, however, in an update. When the game is updated, you should receive an email from

Oh but if you aren't getting ANY CG illustrations, like not even Four's sniper scene, then please let me know. I will double check the upload when I get to my desktop tomorrow. 

Hi, you should be able to download a PDF after purchase. If not, I would suggest contacting itch support :(

Hi, thank you so much for all the compliments! I'm glad you enjoyed the story so much. I'm unsure if or when a Book 02 would come as it would need to be funded, and I'm currently taking a break from the series. I'm planning on there being more DLC and digital novels though. 

Can you provide a screenshot of what you're seeing? It shouldn't be possible to have all the way to chapter 07 + old character models. Also the versioning doesn't always match. Sometimes there just isn't as many in between versions uploaded. 

Not yet (and am not sure how I'm going to implement it). This is version 02 of the one included in MDSOA Deluxe, but is fundamentally different and includes Echoes.

Hi, I think that I set the sale prices to the same discount as I generally do every year, but the one on does include both the Main Story & Epilogue and is not just the Main Story, which are sold separately on Steam. 

Hi, it is available on Windows. 

Hi, the game is still in development, with only route out, but I am looking into releasing it route by route on Android. I will definitely make an announcement when that happens.

Hi if you're still having this issue, please email me at with your receipt so I can make sure you get the download.

I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. But I am also so glad that it was able to lift the heaviness you must be feeling for just a little bit. Hang in there, I know things won't ever be the same, but the light will get a little brighter everyday and the clouds will recede a little more as time goes on. That's what I always wanted my work to be for and why I became a writer. I always appreciate you cheering me on, and I can't wait to share more updates with you.

Right now it's only, but if I'm able to figure it out, I plan to get it on those platforms as well. 

Hi, I apologize but this project has changed substantially over time and there is no longer any option for different languages, and the art work is different.

Your English is great. Thank you very much for your kind words! 🙇

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Hi, thanks so much for the report. It should be fixed now, as mentioned here:  

Some people were able to get around it by manually installing it, but ideally it should work normally now.

Please let me know if it fixed the issue for you!

- Ajané