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The original game/story that Premium buyers paid for is still being developed. I am just going to be making additional content outside of the initial planned story which was meant to end at Chapter 07 and continuing on with a sequel. There is confusion because of this, but that's what's happening. Once Chapter 07 has been released, people will be able to understand why the original story had planned to end there.


Since beginning To the Edge of the Sky, when it was a tribute game, much has changed.

  • The faces changed due to copyright claim and it became original artwork.
  • The game originally meant to only be one contained story of 7 chapters, but has now been slated to have releases indefinitely, partially due to fan demand/interest. The original planned story/game is now considered Season 01.
  • Extra stories outside of the main content are now planned.

It is for this reason that the model for Premium going forward is changing. While chapter 01 - 07, now known as season 01 CGs, additional options, and more are still going to be developed and available for those who bought Premium, beginning in Season 02, the premium content model will change. I am still undecided on the model, or if it will be a separate app entirely, but Season 01 aims to give a complete story as a first "book" to To the Edge of the Sky. However, Extra Stories outside of the main chapters will also be purchasable. 

If you have Premium, this is planned to be available at a 50% discount for Season 01 Extra Stories. Basically, in order to afford development costs continue to make this new extra content, the new content outside of Chapters 01 - 07 itself will have a purchase price. Whether you decide to continue on with us as a Free or Premium fan, I hope you who have purchased Premium will enjoy the conclusion of the story as we come to the final chapters! 

- Ajané

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 We originally had no intent to develop the game beyond 7 chapters. Partially due to fan demand,  I am continuing the game indefinitely, and the original 7 chapters is now considered season 01. Premium will still contain 7 chapters, and future seasons will follow some other paid model that is yet to be announced. 

I just wanted to give an update and say I'm using this version and enjoying it. I've had absolutely none of the issues mentioned in this thread and updating our games went smoothly. Thank you!


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1. The story is not yet finished and we will not reveal info about unreleased content.

2. From our perspective, Eight is not treated like a "good" person if the player does not choose to do so. Seven gets angry, can push him off,  warn him, has to restrain herself from causing bodily injury, and can question him in-depth on his actions. There is also far more story content rewarded to the player if they do not give in. There is no additional narrative other than this or the other option where Seven gives in and does not have time to think about her actions. Whether the characters are seen as "good" or "bad" is entirely up to the reader and their assumptions if they make any. We can't change a readers perspective or feelings, all we do is provide situations that happen and Seven's reaction to it (which is usually based on your choice if it is a strong, divisive issue.)

Clicking begin should have started you at the Prologue which begins in the wastelands. 

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I seem to have fixed the issues, at least for now. When I >View local files from the Itch app, it showed me a folder with several older versions. Once I deleted them, Itch launched the correct version. I'm updating our players with the fix, but I'm not sure why Itch wasn't overwriting or deleting the old versions in the first place, or how that's intended to work. Perhaps it's because they had different folder/file names?

I tried to delete the file entirely (again), and re-uploaded through Butler. Got the notification the game had updated, and yet again it gave me the previous version which has been long deleted (despite me testing what I uploaded just to make extra sure it was the right version). I'm really not sure what the issue is with this one since I never had issues before.

Hi, thank you for the response. The account I'm using to launch is this one, and my teammate has her own personal one but with game access.

I went ahead and deleted everything out and then updated with Butler only. Your fix worked on the To the Edge of the Sky game, but I'm still getting the old version on the To the Edge of the Sky Premium, (the one that my teammate says is appearing fine for her):

Additionally, I'm having others saying that Premium isn't showing the new update through the Itch app, yet when I look at the files, it says I did indeed upload it last night. However, I wasn't able to download those versions from Itch to confirm what they were - it gives me a server error. I'm not really sure what to tell these users when I can't even get it to work from my side and it seems to work for some users but not others.  I will try deleting it and reuploading it once again, though. 

I'll be looking forward to the public status page so that we can know if errors are happening on our end or not before a release, thank you.

(1 edit) is the one that won't update from my launcher, however it seems to be updated on my teammate's. It makes me uncertain that it's updated for all of our players.

I've also been totally unable to push builds through Butler for this version:

But wasn't sure if I am doing something wrong. 

It's just the art that has changed, and some basic statistics. We have not touched the script.

I've still been unable to update with Butler...It says it's pushing, and that it's already updated to that version, but when I launch the game from the app ,it's still the previous version. 

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I'm also having the same issues. Nothing is working even though it says it is. Guessing there's an issue with butler.

Hope you find another game that meets your interests since you've already found this partial game to not meet your expectations! 

Hi, thank you for wanting to play. Unfortunately, there is no up to date Korean file of everything yet, and it's uncertain if there will be. However, due to BigHit Entertainment contacting us, the games' art has changed from the current faces to ensure they don't resemble their artists. Sorry and thank you. 

Not sure if you're referring to this, but the MC is intentionally different in every route. This is explained further in Deluxe. Sorry you didn't like the game though! Hope you find something that better fits your tastes. 

Yes, through here or if we don't reply in a timely manner,

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Hi, were you able to figure this out yet or do you still need help?

That's right. You'd have to wait until more keys are released if you are eligible. But you should already have the pc/mac version by default too. 

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We'd like to take this time to remind everyone that PA really aren't BTS...We also do not direct the face direction, we leave that to the hands of the artists. But we were still happy to see this Six because we felt that it looked more "inspired" by Jhope rather than a carbon copy, so we accepted it. Thanks for your polite feedback. 

It's the same download, we just update the app. All you need to do is update. 


If you purchased it, then you should already have the download and just need to follow the instructions. The "product key" referred to is an extra, external key for Android/iPhone which are all gone, as they went to backers. But by purchasing the itch version, you already have the PC/Mac/Linux download. We suggest using the Itch app to manage downloads, but please let us know which system you are playing on as well.

It will allow you to access to deeper scenes. Right now the choices don't count for anything, but by the time the game is finished it will. 

It means you have to be playing Premium to access it.

If you purchased it on itch, that sounds more like an itch issue, so you would have to contact them.


Your one time payment was it. Whenever we update the game, you'll download the new version we uploaded. As long as you are logged into your Itch account, you'll be able to download it for free. We recommend the Itch PC client because it's a nicer way to keep the game updated and should auto update itself if we've released something new. 

There is not really a key but rather a specific download link you should have received. If you didn't, email please.

If you're talking about an automated email from itch, you may need to email itch for that.

You should have received the email, but please make sure your tier did include premium. Some people who donated, did not donate enough to receive premium.

Thank you everyone for helping others and the nice comments...<3

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You should be receiving a key shortly. The rest of the rewards should be starting to ship out between now and throughout summer.

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It was changed because the music was only ever just a placeholder as the game is/was a demo. Speaking as the Music Supervisor, I can say I was never satisfied with those covers and only grabbed them as a solution/to pay homage. Ultimately, the decision was out of everyone's hands, because there are intellectual property/ copyright concerns with covers.

All links are already listed on the download page.

We're happy to announce that it has been released :) 

Thank you so much!

Glad you're excited ^^ We're excited to try the new format. 

All at once. It is a game with a common route. We won't likely ever do a game quite like MDSOA in terms of how we released it again.  

Book II is out now! Thanks for your support <3