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 Thank you very much for the positive feedback! We totally agree that the audio is great part of the game as it helps the player being introduced to the theme.

 We are delighted that we receive such a great feedback, highlighting the game's positive and negative aspects! We thank you for playing "The Lost King" on your streams! Really enjoyed watching someone play a game that our team created!

 We will work in the future to fix the bugs we find and to create more enjoyable experience and again we thank you for taking part in that process!

Woah! So much creativity in one place. From the decision to implement different game genres, to the unique art style, this game is great! I would like to congratulate you for your bravery to use such unique style when creating your project!

I am totally shocked by the fact that there is an RTS addition in this game jam! I find that genre so underastimated and hard to produce. You have done a great job by including various core mechanics, part of some of the greatest RTS games. 

 Overall, the game feels well, the mechanics are clear and the visuals are good. I would like to see a full version of the game some day!

A very interesting game concept, with very solid presentation! The game is interesting, has more than one core mechanics. The gameplay is a bit hard for me, but that could be due to my lack of experience with such games. I like the combination between parkour and shooting. The whole theme is satisfying as it is simple and give room for the players to perform better.

 Overall, one of the best additions to the game jam! A very well-designed and polished game! Keep the great work!

The whole idea behind the game is so deep. Eventhough it looks simple, it carries a very strong message! The whole theme looks fine and the gameplay itself is not very interesting, but for me the idea compensates for everything!

 The thing that I love the most in this game jam, is the different approach every team has taken, and yours is truly unique! Keep the good work!

A very interesting concept! The combination between the simple, yet challenging gameplay, and the interesting art style, gave me great experience while playing the game! The whole theme of art museum is really satisfying.

There are features which cause minor discomfort, such as the misdirected camera in the beginning. I had to lose the game 5-6 times in order to understand what is going on and how to play the game. Also the security cameras could be indicated more clearly, because I had very hard time finding the right path to the end.

 Overall, a great game with great potential!


An interesting approach, eventhough I do not understand it really. The game is a bit buggy and I did not really have an idea how to progress through it. The mechanic with using the cards is great and it could be polished. For me, the pace of the game was a bit too fast and I could not really understand what is going on. 

 Overall, I believe that through work in the right direction, this game could become great!

I am so surprised by the way this game looks and feels. The concept is very well-created, the theme is fun, yet there is the challange. It is great to see a game with solid ground in every single aspects.

 Overall, there is nothing more I could say, other than I really loved playing your game!

A very different approach to the game jam! The whole concept, the art style and the game mechanics are certainly very strange, but not in a bad way. 

 My favourite part is the art style, combining 2D and 3D elements to create that beautiful effect.

 The gameplay itself is strange and not traditional and maybe with a bit more tutorial information, the whole concept would be easier to understand.

 The mechanics are clear, but still they feel a bit odd, maybe more work on them could be useful.

 Overall, a great addition to this game jam that could be improved in the future.

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A very interesting approach to the tower defence genre. The game itself is simple, yet challenging, which I love. The whole theme is very well set. Overall, a great game with lots of potential.

А game with a very unique mechanic. Your project looks very promising, as it could become a great game by enhancing all the components around the teleportation. At this point the game has anything on base levels - a unique mechanic, working enemies, nice models with a theme that you set well and of course I could not miss the music, which perfectly fits the theme. 

 Overall, your project has a lot of potential if developed in the right direction. I fell in love with the teleportation mechanic.

All I could say is that you really tried to bring something unique to the game jam. I have always been admirer of the way the great games work - perfect combination between simplicity and practicality. In my opinion you have really stressed on the simplicity, while paying not much attention to the practicality of your project. 

 The music in my opinion is the best part of the game, it somehow fits the theme perfectly.

 The settings menu is not working as intended.

 By adding more features, such as health bars and more diversity between the enemies + some kind of a short story (to give the player the motivation to kill the enemies) the game could be improved a lot!

As everyone else, I experienced some issues with playing the game, due to the web build. I admire your decision to take a different approach, even if it has not proved the best in some way.

 I tried look into the models, the music and the gameplay, shown in the trailer. All I could say is that such project could have bright future with the right attention. You have really got some promising aspects of the game, such as the interesting models, the intended gameplay and the whole theme. If you fix the issues, it could become a very entertaining game!

A great roguelike experience! The game is very fun to play. For me, the part, which really makes the game interesting, are the various choices the player has to make. Deciding what kind of weapon you want, what kind of upgrades (I did not really understand what stats the different upgrades are for) and of course, where  do you want to go and which bosses to face, all decisions matter. 

 The game reminds me of "The Binding of Isaac" (one of my favourite games) for its gameplay, which is simple, yet entertaining. The lack of unnececary UI makes the experience even greater and with just a little story put in the mix, you could have a really good game. The features included in the settings, such as graphics, screen mode and controls (for keyboard/ mouse and controller) are making the game feel even more complete. 

 One of the things that I really appreciate is the fact that you have designed different bosses, with different attacks, which makes the player learn how to adapt differently in every level.

 One of the things that concern me is the balance of the weapons (a minor thing). When I played the game, I chose to use the magical wand. The bosses were too easy as I was spamming the shield and they could not touch me.

 The other thing that really made me confused was the music as I appreciated the fact that there was different piece  for every level, but I did not really understand how it helped the theme of the bosses. And on the other hand, it somehow made the experience feel different.

Overall, very good game with strong concept and execution.

Thank you very much for you feedback, we really appreciate it. Cheers!

Yes, exactly.

Thank you very much for you positive feedback, we really appreciate your detailed review and we'll definitely try to avoid this mistakes and do our best to improve our skills  for our next project. Cheers!

Thank you for your feedback and we're really sorry about your negative experience with the volume of the intro splash, we took a note. The difference between attack 1 and attack 2 is that the first one inflicts the player's damage in triple size while the second one inflicts the damage multiplied by 5. The second one is available on every third attack the player makes.

Thank you for your feedback! Cheers!