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Hi Mr Anuke.  I really like the game and here is a bug:

I placed a  command center in sector 0,1 and quickly switched from the second setting (that arrow thingy) to the first setting (that sword thingy) and it completely froze and softlocked the game. when i restarted the game and went back to 0,1 it sadly still froze. Which means that i can´t complete all the quests, or really do anything in that zone. Which is´nt too bad because the game is still in alpha/beta and stuff like that is expected.

But anyway thanks for making mindustry a great game! :)

Edit 1: btw the softlock only happens when i load into the zone and not in the menu. I´m probably just gonna abandon the zone and start over.

Edit 2: after abandoning it just loads normally. Although i will watch out when i have to build the command center again.

Edit 3: did it again, no need to be quick switching it from setting 2 (retreat)  to setting 1 (attack).