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Adam Smith's Book: W.O.N.

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You are so right... Life is SOOO hard. OMG. It MUST have been an arduous undertaking for you to message me on your slave-making, decadent smartphone. There is just NO way our quality of life has gotten better because of Capitalism. I mean look at how terrible the last two hundred and fifty or so years have been, despite them being WAY better than the hundreds and thousands of years prior. 

But you are SOOO right...

How simple are you? How naive are you? How privileged and thankless can you possibly be? 

If you believe that Capitalism is the worst, I DARE you to give up everything it has provided, start from scratch, and attempt to achieve what you currently and foolishly take for granted, with anything except Capitalism.

Good Luck.

You have made your lack of knowledge clear to me. You aren't an author and I am uninterested in your opinions at this point. Just know that people like yourself are the reason why more people aren't interested in systems like these. I find that after interacting with you, I am less inclined to play this system. And if you believe the BETA doesn't at the very least ask for possible improvement, that is just more proof of your arrogance.

Have a good one. 

You assume it was a kneejerk response. Assumptions make me angry.

Time isn't just scarce in the sense that time is just as scarce doing x then as it is now. It is also scarce in the sense of what you could be doing instead of x, which was what I was getting at.

As far as your quotation of the rulebook , (which is what I was referencing and yes: I did quote that incorrectly and I take full responsibility for that. I didn't check the reference due to laziness in all honesty. Yet you are looking at what I am looking at which was my goal): it sounds like the "...cultural definitions of gender that oppress and malign so many people" could ONLY happen to those living under " the umbrella of capitalism and empire" 

Q: How is this justified? Is this oppression impossible in a communist or socialist regime? And if so, how? I suppose I should ask: what type of regime is Union? 

As far as the rest of your post, I will not disagree. And You disagreeing with me is fine. My goal is an objective one. 


On a personal note, a couple of questions:

1) Are you one of the authors?

2) Did you attend UNM?

I am curious. I think I may know you personally. 

see, THAT makes sense to me. Look, I haven't really ran any TTRPG games myself and I would like to. When I saw what I thought were inconsistencies, I freaked out because I was like, "how would I explain this to my players!?" 

It honestly didn't occur to me that I, the DM, could use these things to flavor or design the game I would like to run.

IF the 'inconsistancies' are intentionally written in order to create those holes for DM's to use, the bravo! Because that is awesome! Yet, if they aren't, I am also trying to be the Warcraft red shirt guy and help out.

I honestly haven't gotten to the DM section of the book so if that information is in there, THAT will be really helpful. I was really focused  on the lore and background information because I was really enjoying that aspect of the game. Even moreso than the game mechanics, which are also exceptional. are being overly hostile man. Seriously. 

Time is scarce in the following way. Long ago, In agrarian  societies, people would work ALL day to make food for their lord or king. Then, when Capital and industry became a thing, there were machines that people could use that made the job faster and easier, thus freeing up more time for other stuff. That is how time is a scarce resource because there are always things we can do to maximize how we use our time.

It isn't pseudointellectual. To someone with no knowledge of how capitalism works, perhaps it seems pseudointellectual.

If the intent of the system is for the DM to come up with their own reasons for why the licenses aren't available to all, I suppose that is a good enough reason. I honestly didn't think of that. 

So you need a license to drive a truck. But again: WHY do you get to drive a truck and I do not? Is that also up to the DM as well?

In the PDF, press Ctrl + f. A little search bar pops up. Type in "capitalism." It doesn't appear too many times so it should be too hard. That or "empire." It's there in black and white.

I am glad to see you are so passionate about my criticism. Yet you want to see it stay the same, wheras I want to make it a better product for everyone. To buy.  With lots of their surplus income.

[Post-scarcity is a theoretical economic situation in which most goods can be produced in great abundance with minimal human labor needed, so that they become available to all very cheaply or even freely. ... Writers on the topic often emphasize that some commodities will remain scarce in apost-scarcity society.]

This is the definition I am basing my knowledge upon.

Look ... I just want to know WHY the damn GMS licenses are restricted. What is the reason for it. I am hoping that it isn't an arbitrary "because we say it is" situation. 

With a little creativity, I am sure I could be satisfied.

My point is the author's stated that they want to depict a world that has escaped oppressive capitalism and empire, yet I don't see how they have achieved that when it still exists in the system.

And I will say it again, as I said in my original post... despite what I know, I understand it is their creation and they can have it whatever way they want. But if there are things screaming out at me that indicate inconsistencies, I feel that in order to be helpful, I should say something.

Read my post, not my profile name. Dig?

Free-Market Capitalism also saved Chile from economic collapse in the 70's.

Hail Milton Friedman.

It is the best. For now anyways. Until every country has reached an equilibrium regarding Production Power Parody. Once that happens, then Utopian Communism will be possible.

BTW, I love the Star Trek universe and if that is what you are kinda going for, I totally get it.

Although if we were in the Star Trek universe, I would be a Ferengi for sure LOL

**OP replied to his own post and therefore sucks** LOL

I found a few things that may need to be reworked:

1) ["Union is post-scarcity and does not function as a market-based economy." 

- Pg. 504, Lancer Core Rulebook Pre-release Beta v2 (LCR Bv2)

"Furthermore, while printers are relatively ubiquitous, not everyone has the licenses, resources, or time to field a printer large enough to fabricate mechanized chassis." 

- Pg. 500, LCR Bv2 

"First, to be a human being in Union is to be afforded the decency of a life lived with your material needs seen to: your state will make available to you food, water, shelter, and labor, and will never deny you those rights. To do so is to violate the most basic of social contracts."

- Pg. 490, LCR Bv2

"Capital and diasporan worlds that participate in intergalactic trade use Manna to effect trade outside their borders."

- Pg. 502, LCR Bv2

Question: If the Union is a post-scarcity society, why is there an arbitrary withholding of licences? Why can't everyone (especially those in UNION) have access to GMS licenses to become EVEREST Lancers at the very least? And if everyone doesn't have the time to field a large enough printer to fabricate mechs, doesn't that make both TIME and the PRINTER scarce resources? And why participate in trade at all if there is no scarcity (or operate in a post-scarcity system)?]

2) ["There are few truths held by the majority of humanity — our numbers are simply too vast — but the ones that are universal are fundamental, seen as core tenets of what it means to be human, and enforced by Union to the best of its ability outside the Galactic Core:"

- Pg. 489, LCR Bv2

"Remember: power never gives up power. Power is only ever taken from the powerful and redistributed to the people, where it must constantly be cultivated, regulated, and maintained — this is the dream some worlds have realized, and the project that Union, humanity’s core organization, works to accomplish."

- Pg. 490, LCR Bv2

"Crowns and borders were placed in the ruins of empire, cast down. Humanity, finally united in trust, contrition, and solidarity, raised one single banner, the last to fly over Earth: Union."

-Pg. 486, LCR Bv2

Definition: Empire

"an extensive group of states or countries under a single supreme authority, formerly especially an emperor or empress."

"an extensive operation or sphere of activity controlled by one person or group."

- 2019 Merriam-Webster, Incorporated]

I know I picked hard at these things. I want to make the point that I believe that Socialism is a noble endeavor; yet, in a universe that will always have scarcity (unless someone is able to create a process that transforms matter), Capitalism will always be the most efficient system for resource management.

That being said, in the universe of  the awesome creation Lancer, the creators have every right to make whatever they want; I just want it to make sense to me. 

For the first point, It makes sense that the other Corp-State mech manufacturers would charge a "fee" for access to their licenses, with HORUS being the exception (although, if they have a vested interest in you and you provide some sort of "service" in exchange for them "gifting" you a license, then I guess they aren't the exception at all). It does not make sense, at least to me, why UNION citizens would be denied being a Lancer. If every UNION individual wanted to be a Lancer, would they not be in there right to have their labor provided? And if not, is that not a lack of supply that is observed in economics?

For my second point, I would like to know how UNION is NOT like an empire? If the UNION is taking resources from other powers and forcing their values upon others, does that not make them an imperialist power? Is UNION pacifist? Does UNION bother helping non-UNION members? If so, why? Is it a bargaining chip? A trade of goods and services for a mutually beneficial diplomatic deal perhaps?

But I digress.

I can only hope that I didn't piss anyone off and that you will recognize the work I have put into this. I do want Lancer to be good, which is why I spent the time and the labor to address these points.

Thank you.