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Is it possible to give some of the older animals the animations that the newer models from Tundra have? While nostalgic, the current animations for the "old" animals in this game (normal Rabbit, Fox, Wolf, Black Bear, etc) are comedic. The new Tundra animal's animations look far better. 

For example, give the Caribou's animations to the Deer as well, and any canine/vulpine animals the Arctic Fox's animations. If some of those models can't be given the newer animations for whatever reason or limitation you may have, maybe re-texture and/or edit the newer Tundra models, like give the Tundra rabbit the original rabbit's texture in the forest/heath maps. You wouldn't be able to effectively use the second method for all of them, but at least we'll have some animals looking better..

P.S. If you would like to be the Horse in the desert map, I found a way to bypass the unreachable floating totem bug. Turn into a bird, then fly around the Horse totem until it transforms you.

I don't think I ever became a spirit, sorry. I only tried to become a dragon every time by touching the nest. Literally only reason I played was to be a dragon lol.

I remember playing Knight of the Dragon back when I was little. I always became a dragon. Yes, I think it's intentional to die when touching water as a dragon. I distinctly remembered that it happened to me whenever I did as a dragon back when Gamevial still existed and the game was playable on their website.