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 newgrounds hate you using image editor tools who can create pixel art 

no i am not joking people a getting a so easy to triggered even over nothing now a days again cool tool 

and aw yes i am accused over soothing whit no evidence for it also he block me 

its like me trying to reason whit some one who hates to be reason whit 

and no i didn't stole images and pass them as my own newgrounds automatically deleted them after i did put  # Photoshop i did give credit and i didn't even sell them at all  so yes not only is newgrounds lagging on evidence on my case but a group of idiots did gang up on my over something they made up 

so using any form of image filtering like you tool is a no no according to the newgrounds hypocrites 

hey just saying newgrounds is taking over by SJW who hate when people have fun 

i only wanna worn everybody take it or leaved i did try to stand up for my self i got band