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I just wanted to add a few things,

 some of the items dont have descriptions on them so its hard to tell what they were for.

I think i bugged out the bandit camp as it says i need to talk to someone and yet i haven't saved them yet.

The letter has no mission attached to it (as far as i can tell) and has no information on it.

Some of the puzzles are insanely annoying, maybe add a help note hidden around or something, game sort of loses its pace when a puzzle shows up.

Some stats dont show, Luck, Dodge etc, will be cool to have a menu for those and effects also could be explained a little.

Thats all i wanted to add that might help. i do have a request/suggestion, add an option to change the Main characters bust size, if it was added that players can adjust how big/small they are it would be pretty cool. Also add Extra areas (like DLC) XD

Any ways thanks for the information and good luck on future projects.