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Game is lit. Infinity/10. Love it!

I haven't noticed any major issues, currently just a small visual bug where the stage intro can overlap with the game title if you exit to title at the start of a mission.

Another small issue: at the start of mission1, if you don't choose to restart from the first checkpoint, when the first enemy appears, the meter is still not full. To make the meter full at the start, I had to restart from checkpoint every time I start the first mission.  I suggest making the meter full starting from the beginning. Or make sure it reaches max before the dialogue ends.

Lastly, regarding the autofire. I still prefer it disabled from the start. It feels a bit awkward when playing with autofire, and I prefer having more control over my shots. On a beginner's standpoint, I'm sure they've also played other similar games where the player ship does not fire automatically. In the attract mode the player fires manually, so I think it might better if it is left off as default. People can always navigate to the options to turn it on if they feel like it. I've read the Rock Paper Shotgun article and it mentioned that autofire is meant for more focus on taking risks and dodging, but in actual play, it didn’t turn out as I expected. Just my person preference though.

Edit: It seems the game has no icon on the taskbar... It's pitch black XD maybe add it later? Nothing major anyways ;]

Edit 2: When I was viewing the extra images included in the deluxe version, I noticed the first boss's old design, and got reminded of the old demo. I regret deleting the old one lmao... And there's nowhere I can find it. File recovery didn't help. It's still fun when I think about that!

I totally enjoyed the game.  Despite a few minor issues (it's just the first day after release, so it is understandable), this is definitely a very enjoyable experience.