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I'm really sorry, I was about to buy Burnin' Rubber 5 HD on Steam, but I have found a way to play original on web browser, so I used my money on Burnin' Rubber 4 and waiting for my dad to buy Burnin' Rubber 3 with my money again... (My dad buys it but I pay him)

By the way thanks for making my life better (:

Burnin' Rubber was my favourite when I was like 7 yrs but had no pc so I had to just..... Ask my brother... If he said no, I would just cry and ask more...

I was so sad, that Shockwave decided to shutdown it, when I had a laptop ):

If you somehow delete Burnin' Rubber 5 on web browser, I will think about buying Burnin' Rubber 5 HD, but I can't always buy a game after I bought a game like 1 month ago...

Thanks C: